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EEVblog #972 – Operating Chips Outside Their Spec

Dave tests the AD8436 True RMS converter chips inside the 121GW multimeter to see if ...

  • Paul

    Please explain the optical principle of operation.

  • Is that a Bus Pirate board ?

  • Steven Ciciora

    I can’t believe he dosn’t spend more time talking about _best_ feature of this! I only have the x4 lens, but it gives an incredible depth of view (almost an inch)!. On my more traditional binocular microscope, I can focus on either the top of a chip, the PCB, or somewhere in between, but with this thing, you can turn your pcb at an almost 90 deg. angle and actually see _under_ surface mount chips! Great for making sure there are no hidden solder bridges. I went for the USB camera version, and that was a bit of a dissapointment. Besides the delay, the depth of view is a lot more conventional…
    – Steve

  • Hunter Grembecki

    $575 for a lens no way!!!

  • Dave

    Here is a link on how you can view the two images in the video using the cross-eye method:


  • pertinax

    I have found reading glasses to be very handy. Those have magnifications from +1 to +4 and cost about 10 euros or dollars in papershops. I have a set of those for different purposes. And the view is stereo.