EEVblog #391 – Rigol DSA815 Spectrum Analyser Teardown

Teardown Tuesday
What’s inside Rigol’s low cost DSA815-TG spectrum analyser?
Forum Topic HERE
HiRes Photos HERE
Datasheets on chips used:
ADE-2+ Mixer

Block Diagram Breakdown

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    • Gert

      Very nice! Looking forward to the pfoto’s of the board

    • Asm

      Quite interesting that they put LEDs in the RF section – there’s quite a few of them too!

      Didn’t bother counting, but here’s a couple images with them: (D300 and D500) (D200, D205, D211)

    • Martin

      Hi Dave!

      Thank you very much for the eagerly awaited teardown of the DSA815-TG. Now I know that the christmas gratification is not misspent. Well done, thumbs up and keep going!

      Best regards from Hamburg, Germany

    • tchicago

      From the pinout, the ADC chip looks like LTC2245 (or the other part # from this series with a different speed grade – 2246, 2247, 2248, 2249, 2254, 2255), but definitely a 14-bit device.

    • Rick

      Great teardown! I noticed that there are routed slots associated with each filter. Are these for thermal relief?

    • Lior B

      Nice! U103 (the QFN without any markings at 16:55) looks like a variable attenuator from peregrine (PE4306) with 5 bit resolution.