• EEVblog #393 – LiPo Battery Discharge Testing

    Getting a battery discharge curve on a Turnigy 5000mAh battery using a BK Precision 8500 Electronic Load
    Battery Charging TutorialTutorial
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      • StreifenKarl

        Aren’t the tabs of the single lipo cells made of aluminium which is quite hard to solder?
        I guess you could get a better formfactor by putting the cells in parallel (e.g. 1S3P). So you could keep roughly the outline of the board.

        Regards from germany!

        • huh

          I just looked at the comments over at the reseller website and someone pointed out the same potential issue. Not being a RC expert I also would be sure those cells could be soldered without any risks of burning my house.

      • Paul

        Does that battery have some internal current limit or protection circuit?

        • No. You can’t really get 100A+ and still have internal protection.

      • Less Talk, More Action…

      • Goophy

        Hi Dave, would you do an USB power supply project that utilize the standard 18650 battery? I guess the 18650 is also powerful enough, and, easier to replace I think.

      • GreyWolf

        Dave, make sure to measure the charge/discharge voltages of that Turnigy charger with a multimeter. They are occasionally known to be slightly out of calibration. Might damage the LiPo cell. Just a heads up. A teardown would also be cool…and perhaps a physical calibration when needed?


      • Soulsurfer


        I need to implement this battery in a cct that is portable and i will not be using a very high current.

        Is it possible to know how long would the charge inside the battery last if consumed only in 1-2 mAps 24×7 a day?

        Would there be a discharge after some time? may be after 30 days? how long would the charge last? would Ni metal hydride batteries be better is this regard?

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