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EEVblog #1035 – Flaming DIY Power Supply

Smoke in the EEVblog Lab! What component failed and caught alight in the RD Tech ...

  • So when’s the Turnigy Accucel 6 repair video? 🙂

  • f4eru

    Hey, Dave, for the best repair, look at these video series :


    Absolutely amazing !!

    You say that it’s a programmable discharge tool, but in fact, it could nearly replace your planned USB power supply as well :))

  • Chris

    There’s also an 8 cell version for $40 that is rated at 5A discharge.

  • Hi.
    The best I could find was $47 for a 6 cell version. Where is the $23 and $40 versions from?

  • xDR1TeK

    This is just a good example how little engineering can stretch so far and create something really nice. Thanks Dave, this was very informative.

  • NickW

    It looks like there’s a common problem with the complementary pair of fets on either side of the stud on the lower left corner of the display. My imax B6 (same as accucel) has blown the n-channel and I see a lot of images on the internet with a blown p-channel. I’m guessing it’s shoot through.

    Anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

    Just a guess but do pin 13 and 14 on the AVR need pullups/pulldowns to keep them in a defined state on startup? My guess is that when they’re high impedance they could both be turning on at the same time from random noise.

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