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    • huh

      That relatively huge heatsink has been put there presumably to cool down the sensor too, in order to reduce noise in the image. Many amateur astronomers in the past used ordinary webcams hooked to telescopes and they found out that cooling the CCD sensor helped a lot to reduce the noise giving much better images.

      • Richard

        I’d say this isn’t mainly for “heatsink” purposes but for heat distribution whithin the case. One particular problem when building such integrated camera systems for outdoor use is, that the lens and sensor section cools down pretty quickly to the environmental temperature while relatively hot electronic parts dominate the internal climate. These temperature differences can lead to damages because of condensing humidity.

    • Johannes

      Interesting. But how on earth could they screw up the audio to such a degree? Terrible aliasing. Did they forget to put in an LP filter?

      • Worf

        Probably didn’t put much care into it because audio recording would be difficult, at best.

        After all, if you’re going outside, you’re going to put it inside the plastic waterproof case, which is going to muffle sound horribly, so you’re better off just editing it post-event and adding your own soundtrack. Anything you record would be highly muffled and distorted by the cases and the mounts anyway.

    • xDR1TeK

      doesn’t look simple once the cover is off. thanks Dave.

    • moeb

      The blobs of thermal compound on the chips dont seem like the chips had any contact to the heatsink…

      looks a bit like a clearance/fit fail. If you remove the heatsink from your CPU, which fit quite good and shoveld away some kWh of heat, the thermal compound looks totally different. Additionally you have to apply some force to seperate CPU and heatsink. (or heat both of them up)

    • iI have heard the new generation go pros have ditched the SoC and are using the new Freescale Kinetis MCU’s.

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