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    EEVblog #845 – Oscilloscope FFT Comparison

    EEVblog #845 – Oscilloscope FFT Comparison

    Dave compares the FFT modes on 7 different oscilloscopes: Rohde & Schwarz HMO1202 Series Tektronix ...

    • tchicago

      At 50:00 – the single transistor is probably the relay driver.

    • http://hackedgadgets.com/ Alan Parekh

      At 47:55 there is a red wire that is run under a resistor. I have never seen that done before. Is that some type of poor mans cable management?

    • http://www.wrljet.com Bill Lewis

      The difference between the two styles of pods is for 8086/88 Minimum vs. Maximum mode.

      Minimum mode generates bus control signals directly (similar to 8085). Maximum mode requires use of 8288 bus controller, but supports multi-processor designs, such as the 8087.


    • Worf

      These days everything modern uses JTAG for ICE debugging – I’ve certainly not used anything other than JTAG pods when developing software for new hardware and even SoCs. Of course, for SoCs you develop them on FPGAs and the hardware is simulated to get the visibility and individual waveforms.

      But other than that, nothing. I had though real ICE debuggers died out in the 90s…

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