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  • EEVblog #412 – Jawbone UP Pedometer Teardown

    Posted on January 20th, 2013 EEVblog 5 comments

    What’s inside a Jawbone UP Pedometer?


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    • no

      TRRS dawg. TRS is 3 conductor.

    • David

      Hi Dave,

      That looks like a first generation Jawbone UP – which quickly proved to be badly designed. The device suffered from water leakage and circuitry failure due to flex fatigue and breakage. Also the battery would not hold a charge due to a likely mix of issues surrounding shorts and/or breaks in the failing flex circuits and water leaking in. Jawbone kicked $100 USD back to purchasers of these first-gen wonky devices. Late in 2012 – Jawbone released a redisigned pedometer which looks and functions pretty much like the old one but is supposedly totally redesigned internally. However the new device now costs $129 and retains the same functional flaws of the original – primarily the lack of wireless connectivity and a dumb cap on the TRRS connector that gets lost in about ten milliseconds. Competing products don’t have these flaws, but are more complex to use according to some reviews.

      It would be very instructive to see a tear-down of the new generation UP just to see what changed.

      By the way, the device has two sensing modes, daytime and night time which are user-switched via that small push button at the end you found.

      I hope the inclusion of these URLs below doesn’t put my post in the EEVBlog dog-house… David in Jakarta

      More here:

      And here:

    • Richard

      Hello Dave,

      A quite interesting, somehow related article by Chipworks:

    • Tony

      This Pedometer is pretty awesome. I love my Striiv Play though!

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