EEVblog #415 – SMD Stencil Reflow Soldering Tutorial

Dave shows you how easy it is to do surface mount SMD reflow soldering with a stencil and a hot air gun:

Hints and tips for quick and easy component placement, solder paste application, and reflow soldering using cheap easy to get tools.

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    • ninonpas

      hi dave
      it looks like pin5 of U1 (WF24) hasn’t reflowed,
      paste looks still flat and doesn’t shine like the other pins
      thanks for another great video !

    • William Rowlands

      HI David thank you for all the information I have learned from you. I have been sick for three years and you have a must see video every dayI I am a DC electrician by trade again thank you and greetings from IRELAND

    • Felix Rusu

      Good stuff, I’m surprised that the steel laser cut stencil doesn’t do a much better job than my home made etched beverage can aluminum stencils (spreading the paste). But solder pasting is very forgiving so that really helps.
      Here’s how I make cheap metal stencils at home:


    • Allan

      By watching this video I learned the magic of solder mask. Brilliant!

    • Alan Parekh

      Looks like that cheap heat gun was worth every penny. What do people do when there are huge ground planes in the board that suck all the heat? Is an oven the only way in that case? I have never tried it myself but I remember desoldering a terminal block on one particular board years ago and every second terminal was connected to a huge thick ground plane and it took 5 or 6 times as long with a powerful iron to get it hot enough to use a solder sucker.

      • Russ

        In that case you can put the board on a pre-heater. If you are cheap, you can probably use a skillet as a pre-heater (or just to reflow)

    • salec

      Would a squeegee do a better job then spatula, or are they too wide for the purpose?

    • macpod

      In a pinch, I like to use a razor blade to spread paste on stainless steel and kapton stencils.

    • f4eru
    • Malcolm

      Great tutorial, I have been afraid of soldering SMC and now feel absolutely confident. Big Thumbs Up!!!

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      Hi there, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this article. It was funny. Keep on posting!