• EEVblog #420 – What Is Calibration?

    Peter Daly, metrologist at Agilents world leading standards & calibration laboratory in Melbourne explains what calibration is.

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      • Wartex

        Dave it’s too early to start stroking yourself because at 1:06 he stutters and admits that adjustment is part of verification.

        And 99% of cal labs don’t just calibrate your meter, they also do the verification step which he admits at 1:06 involves adjustment. This is what his lab SELLS, he says that.

        Also you know damn well that modern equipment doesn’t use trimpots and reducing the argument to “bearded guy turning pots” is retarded.

        Just like I said a year ago, CALIBRATION PROCESS involves calibration AND verification.

        So my previous statement is still valid – TEST EQUIPMENT CALIBRATION *PROCESS* involves verification and possibly adjustment.

        You play with semantics to prove a point and still fail.

        • Huh? I’m playing semantics? I don’t even remember anything you’ve said previously on calibration, whatever I said in that impromptu video had absolutely nothing to do with anything you’ve ever said. The only one playing semantics is you.
          Adjustment is not a *normal* part of equipment calibration. It is usually only done at the request of the customer, because adjusting a bit of gear is a BIG DEAL in the calibration world.
          At every company I’ve ever worked at that takes calibration very seriously, if our cal lab adjusted our gear without asking us first, the there would be hell to pay. Peter verified that.

      • Hans

        Wartex, you are wrong in saying “TEST EQUIPMENT CALIBRATION *PROCESS* involves verification and possibly adjustment.”.
        Because it is all down to what your company had selected to do in there quality concept.

        When we got ISO 900x we change the definition on the term “Calibration”, before it was “Checking and may be adjusting the instrument to fit the spec.”,
        after, it was only to “Checking the instrument against the spec.”, a pass/fail.

        If it fails and you have to adjust (or do a so called “calibration” on the instrument) you had a “Repair”.

        Many of our +300 electronic engineers was very angry because this change all they knew on the terms “Calibration” and “Repair”, but our demanded this to be the definition.

        You have to ensure that those you speak with do understand your definitions in the terms “adjustment” and “calibration”.
        Others may have other definitions, and that is fine, as long as all know what we are talking about, and yes, it will/must go wrong if you speak with others that have other definitions and nobody is aware about this.

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