• EEVblog #422 – How To Calibrate A Calibrator

    Les Thomaidis shows and explains the calibration rack at the Agilent Melbourne Standards Lab that is used to “calibrate the calibrators”. This is where other calibration labs send their multimeter and oscilloscope calibrators to get calibrated.

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      • Analogue Man

        I worked for Datron/Wavetek in Norwich UK. I was involved in the development of the 4950 and many other instruments. Here’s the names of some of the design engineers…the ones whose names I remember. They deserve a mention…sorry if I missed anyone. They are some of the unsung heroes of metrology.

        Keith Bargroff-Chief Design eng.
        Martin Day-Analogue
        Howard Dawson-Analogue
        Phil Harbord-Analogue
        Geoff Brace-Software
        Newall White-Software
        Alistair Fields-Digital
        David Hetherington-Digital
        Robert Coggan-Former Chief Design eng.
        John Pickering (co founder and Analogue Designer)

        • Awesome, thanks for the list!

        • Lelsie Green

          It was just Datron when I was there (1981 to 1985). I was working on the Datron 1081 DVM under the supervision of David Jessop, who was an analogue designer and project manager. It is my understanding that he was very influential in the development of the highly successful Datron 1061/1071 DVMs (which were developed before my time there). I particularly remember a conversation about the dither signal used to increase the resolution of the “ADC”. John Pickering had apparently wanted to use a noise signal (random dither) whereas David successfully argued that the dither signal should be coherent (systematic, synchronous).

          • Leslie Green

            ok, I give in. Where’s the edit button? I evidently can’t even spell my own name correctly 🙁

          • Interesting. Yes, coherent dither seems a logical choice, with hindsight I guess?

      • Franck


        A good old databook with all the CMOS 4000 serie, with explanation, example of use.


      • Andy

        Hi. Am desperate to find copy of a Datron 1065 calibration and service manual. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a copy please. URGENT REPLY NEEDED. Thanks

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