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  • tchicago

    Canon thinks it can get away with the buggy software corrupting videos by telling you from time to time “backup recordings regularly” 😉 I have a very similar camera.

  • Goophy629

    Anybody encountered an auto-stop arund 20s of the video? Looks like a corrupted video file, though I can just jump next manually.

    Nice tear down BTW 🙂

    • Goophy629

      ooops, was actually meaning 2:00

  • f4eru

    For recovery of the SD card, try photorec, it works amazingly nice. The important thing is don’t write the SD, and take a binary snapshot immediately….

  • cengland0

    I have the same camera as Dave and have never encountered this issue. The owner’s manual repeats a comment over and over again. It states to not remove the memory card until you stop the video and turn it off. It gives similar warnings about switching from battery to external power. In summary, you need to make sure you turn it off before you do anything.

    Also, there is a feature in this camera that lets you record your video on two cards at the same time for backup purposes.

    So, was this really a problem with the camera or could it have been a problem with the user or the memory card? What about the import process, could that have corrupted the files?

  • ELe

    Hi Dave. You seem realy pissed by all these poor reliability issues and I certainly share this with you. Just go surfing!! Just joking… Anyway I was wondering what was the status or your VERY promising battery powered lab supply project. Do we get to see this someday as a kit or at least bare PCB? That would be great as it would deter some of us to buy more Chinese junk…

  • f4eru

    When measuring the temperature of a naked slab of aluminium with the IR thermometer, you shoud stick a piece of black tape and test that tape instead (the aluminium reflects the IR like a mirror)

    • Wartex

      I facepalm every time he uses this thing. Emissivity matters.

  • Kompost

    About the electrical isolation of third output regulator from the heatsink – screw goes through the thermal pad, is it isolated in some way too?

  • Worf

    Could be the SD card itself – those things tend to corrupt fairly easily. And if you don’t reformat it periodically, FAT can accept a lot of errors before things go cuckoo visibly. How anything reacts when that happens is anyone’s guess.

  • Al

    Would’nt mind seeing the schematic for a few parts of this. Can anyone get hold of it maybe ??

  • german

    where can i find the password to calibrate it.

  • Adrian

    Is that a chunk of solder stuck to the top of R60 at 28:06 ?!? Yeah that pretty bad soldering, even my my own atrocious hand-soldering methods. Looks like the solder paste was not allowed to reach the correct temp or was the wrong type (i.e. running ROHS at Pb temps).

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