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EEVblog #1035 – Flaming DIY Power Supply

Smoke in the EEVblog Lab! What component failed and caught alight in the RD Tech ...

  • Tim

    Oh my goodness…. I totally fell for the original video. It was odd Microchip wasn’t announcing the new PICKit but I just figured they gave you an exclusive look… ugh.. Good one.

  • ICarus

    Why did you done that ? Seriously I’m so disappointed

  • Dave, have you had any feedback from Microchip or Atmel over this? I’m not sure if they’d be annoyed or amused really. I fell for it completely, because it seemed technically plausible (and in all likelihood probably is). But eventually my cynical side came to it’s senses and I realised what day it was. 😀

    Nicely done Dave.

  • Worf

    I wonder how many holes Dave’s antistatic mats have now from doing all this… or if he’s now got a grid of holes to route wires underneath the mat…

  • vimaxane


    Jokes are funny, don’t take 3 minutes to tell, and have a punch line. Epic FAIL!

    You’re just wasting band width, boyo. Better add your name to the waiting list for a “sense of humour” transplant.

  • Matt

    Brilliant. Totally fooled me!

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