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EEVblog #1000 – Fundamental Mailbag Retro Teardown Shootouts are Bullshit

As the title says, kinda… Dave answers the age old question, do single take videos ...

  • ninonpas

    hi dave !

    you may want a get this from ebay for a next teardown : http://www.ebay.com/itm/NASA-ARTIFACT-VPI-Vehicle-Power-Interface-Rack-Console-Hubble-Space-Telescope-/261090432601

    i’d buy it myself to convert it into a fancy coffe machine but i don’t have enough room in my kitchen!

  • florian

    “if the fundamental constants change” LOL

    • Torsten


      well actulay some did change a (litle) bit.

      Wenn the BIMP change a defenition of a SI unit , then this can result in a “change” of a constant

    • Worf

      Some constants may not be constants at all.

      Some are – like the speed of light in a vacuum, but that’s by definition of the unit. A second also is constant because it’s fixed by the number of transitions between hyperfine states of Cs.

      Other constants aren’t so static – some of them have changed, and it’s likely others may change – what see as “constant” is merely “slowly changing”.

  • Hi Dave,

    If it can be used as I think it can you can use it for spectroscopy or gamma ray spectroscopy. Pretty nice find!


    • Though if you say it’s only got discrete signal inputs then I withdraw my comment 🙂

  • Rachie

    This looks like it would be perfect for creating the famous double slit experiment.

  • puns

    This box seems full of surprising gears!
    lol http://airplasma.com

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