• EEVblog #451 – Rigol DS1052E vs DS2072 Oscilloscope

    How much has oscilloscope technology developed in the last 5 years?
    Dave compares the baseline $800 entry level scope from 5 years ago, the Rigol DS1052E / DS1102E, to the current $800 benchmark, the DS2072.
    Demos of intensity graduated display, waveform update speed, LXI Ethernet interface control and waterfall plots, segmented memory waveform replay mode, and more.
    Includes bonus gratuitous analog oscilloscope comparison.

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      • Torsten

        Nice comparison,

        BUT this is not a 800$ scope

        Scope 839$
        Decode function 222$
        56M Mem 334$
        ADV Trigger 222$
        Total 1617$

        Just to put it there as you compare the ds1052 with the ds2072 with all options enabeld

        So just be wornd that some functions may not work on the base model

        73 de DL5TOR

      • David

        You mention the DS1102E, that’s the sweet-spot in terms of pricing right now because it is a 100MHz scope that costs $399 (in the U.S. at-least). The equivalent 100MHz model in the 2000 series is the DS2102 which costs $1,143; almost THREE TIMES as much. Are the extra features worth the price difference – maybe, to some.

        • I never mentioned or compared the 100MHz DS2000. The 70MHz version is $839 official price.
          The 70MHz DS2000 is stunning value compared to the 100MHz DS1102E, and so is the 100MHz version.
          If you can’t afford that much, that’s ok, the point is moot.
          I’m amazed that people have made such a big deal about this, and I thought I clearly explained it in the video?

      • marcin

        DS1052 price 325 USD
        DS2072 price 959$
        320 = 950 ????
        what ?


        Dave … advertising? a little annoying

        • David

          Hmmm… I worry about embedded advertising and/or bias in the EEVBlog content. But it doesn’t look like it happening (so-far?)

          I’m not against advertising in the content at all (new products, chips, etc – that may be vendor supplied for demo/review/exposure?) If done objectively it is a good thing, win-win for all IMO – Provided there’s disclosure up-front. I’m pretty-sure Dave can clarify this (if not already somewhere here on his site).

          What I worry most about is paid bias. That’s when a company pays enough money to steer content away from objective comparison with competitor products. Again, I’m not seeing this here so-far. And I’m sure Dave knows that introducing bias is the death-knell for trust amongst viewers.

          So-far, so good IMO.

          • Is has not happened, and will never happen.
            See my About page.

            Yes, a local supplier Emona has been an advertiser on my website for a long time, and they currently have (coincidentally) ads for both of the scopes in the video. Also, Rigol direct advertise on by website too (not directly, but that’s a choice of their contracted advertising agency).
            If you think any of that advertising has anything to do with why or how I made that video, or any other video, you’d be wrong, completely wrong. It started from my contribution on the forum thread, and from that I thought it would make an interesting video.

        • elgonzo

          Marcin, you clearly do not listened to what Dave said in his video…

          The point of the video was to compare what feature set you can expect today from a scope at a given price point, compared to a scope at the same price point from approx. __5 years ago__.

          I suggest you watch the video again, while this time paying attention to the talk…

          However, i have to admit that i was a bit confused, that Dave talked about the DS2072 while showing the DS2202. Well, but then this was not a review but rather a hands-on illustration of how the low-cost scope market has evolved in the last few years.

          • The DS2202 is the exact same scope, only 200MHz instead of 70MHz.

            • kc koellein

              Dave, Does this mean that I could buy the 70MHz and hack it into a 200MHz…?!

              Ooooo!! Say it’s so… Say it’s SOOO!!

      • Rafael Souza

        I did not yet watch the video, but I can tell it is a serious “thumbs up” and useful reference for the newcomers that are coming to EE or are simply considering moving to the DSO bandwagon.

        Videos like these are what Eevblog is a great reference.

        It is relatively easy to create and post content online, it is much harder to maintain and keep it fresh and updated – especially after several years. Congratulations, Dave!

      • marcin

        I think that you can not compare these two scopes.
        These are two very different devices, and which are designed and priced.
        It’s like comparing the DS1052 series and Tektronix DPO or TDS … (although, of course, appropriate for the price of Tektronix)
        Rigol DS2xxx This course is a good oscilloscope, but it has nothing to do with DS1xxx
        When the DS1052 cost $ 800?
        In the EU the price does not exceed about 300 EURO ~ $ 400

        • Rafael Souza

          Marcin, as elgonzo already mentioned the essence of the video is to show the technology and features you could get if you had spent US$800 in 2008 and compare to what you can get in 2013. The DS1052E was US$800 dollars (or whereabouts) in 2008.

          Your line of thought goes along the lines of what it takes to be an “entry level DSO” – in 2008 that would mean a DS1052E, which is the same as of today but spending half the price.

          Unfortunately the definition of “entry level” changes too often for all markets that deal with technology (cars, TVs, PCs, cellphones, etc.)

        • The DS1052 was introduced at just under $800 in 2008.
          It took a year or two at least for the prices to drop to where you see them now. And only in the last year and a half has the DS1052E been officially available in Australia at the low price.

      • marcin

        and ….
        propose a test which OWON brand oscilloscopes
        It may not have RIGOL quality, but the price to performance, (I think) very good (no bad).
        These oscilloscopes have the opportunity to work on a rechargeable battery (inside osc).

      • marcin

        I associate, price $ 400 🙂
        Maybe in Europe were cheaper 🙂
        Price in January 2009
        1600 PLN (zł) (I’m from Poland) 1600 PLN ~(=) 310 Euro ~ $ 400
        And so I am not wrong about the price …
        Maybe cheaper in Poland 🙂

        Of course, I am delighted that for the same money you can buy cheaper and better

        • elgonzo

          Holy cow! Is Poland always that cheap for lab equipment?

          Just to give you a reference what was the situation in rest of western Europe: Elektor magazine reviewed the Rigol DS1102E in its October 2008 issue (together with the Owon MSO5022), giving an approx. list price of 1000 Euro. Although they did not mentioned the DS1052E, an assumed price of 800 AUD (ca. 640~650 Euro) for a DS1052E at that time doesn’t seem too far off, perhaps even a bit too low (except for you lucky Poles ;).

          But yes, it didn’t take long after this for the prices to drop…

        • Neganur

          As far as Google translate works or doesn’t, the link you provided is for an _auction of a used item_ of an individual and not a new scope in 2009 sold by a company.

        • murdok

          Please consider also the exchange rate at that specific date:


          So you would have paid already more than 540 USD compared to your 400 USD.

          Plus the value added tax rate in case it would have been a new one (i’m not sure about the actual value at january 2009, so left out from the calculation, but today its 23%).

          But for sure, price tags on test equipment in germany (and maybe other parts of europe) were on the high side at these days.

      • Worf

        Well, at least I finally had a coherent view of what differentiates those “DPO” scopes we have from the regular digital scopes we got. I always thought it was marketing, but apparently not.

        Even our hardware guys couldn’t tell us why the fancy ones say “DPO” and what it meant over the budget 100MHz ones with the crappy black and white displays. (All are Tek, though).

      • marcin

        It seems to me that $ 400 (300Eu) was the normal price, but some of it inflated. It is normal practice, innovation = more expensive.
        Now, price as a company are aligned.
        The company is very valuable, even a little bit, too. A year or two and prices will be the same as Tek, Aglienta or LeCroy 🙂

      • John

        Has your DS1052E firmware been upgraded to the latest available or is it still the old version when you did your first published video ?

        • Old hacked version with my EEVblog logo in it.

      • Marcin

        was any new firmware ?

      • glatocha

        Hi Dave,

        Have you think about reviewing the Analog Discovery from Digilent?

        Looks like nice tool for me. But I have same opinion about Saleale Logic 🙂

        Thanks for blogging..

        • I have one sitting in the mailbag!

      • Dave made such a good job of selling the 2000 serie scopes that I want one !

        I’d have no use for it (well, little use for it) but I want one anyway ! 🙂

      • Alex

        I was amazed at the 1XXX version because it had a “western” UI.

        Now, the Chinese guys got back to their shitty behaviour of using serif fonts in user interfaces 🙁

        • Micke

          Alex: Not sure what you mean, the DS2xxx definitely uses a sans-serif font, not serif, so no changes there.


          • Alex

            Hm, interesting. It seems that you are right and I’m an idiot.

            I was ( I am? ) 100% sure I’ve seen the quick measurements screen somewhere (maybe one of Dave’s videos) that had serif fonts.

          • Alex

            Yeap, I’m not a (total) idiot! Right in this video, around 16:00. Look at that ugly piece of UI.

      • timit

        Rigol commercial !!!

      • suhl

        Hi Dave,

        Advertising or not – don’t bother with those comments. Just do your work. You’re doing a great job for the whole “family”. Even if some company pays you for the advertisment, it shouldn’t bother anyone. First of all – you’re spending a lot of your precious time making these videos – here’s a short video of other guy in his lab, and an explanation of my point http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7ZHLppS5_w ;). Second of all – your reviews are honest. Last but not least – videos like your’s are the future of learnig. Made by professionals, enthusiasts with thorough knowledge. Maybe one day they will be organized and put on some Civilization Survival Kit DVD with “Electronics design” subtitle. Thumbs up Dave! And to those “annoyed” – make your own videos or shut up!

      • 9 out of 10 times people will go for the cheaper option. It’s human nature lol but then again the DS1052E is a decent scope

      • Frizzy

        Is the DS2072 physically different to the DS2072A? I have heard that the DS2072 is no longer being sold by authorised dealers only to be replaced by the DS2072A. Just about every Rigol authorized seller websites I have checked still displays the DS2072 model so maybe best If your looking for enhanced hack performance to send an email first requesting confirmation of the model before giving them your money. The hack may have made the DS2072 model a best seller but nobody knows at this point if the hack will work on the DS2072A. I was told by a reseller that there are physical differences in the new model, so maybe it’s best to hold on to your money for a while until the results of some tests.

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