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  • MarkR

    The look on the Wife’s face if I came home from an auction, with all that ‘junk’ would kill. I still have problems with a small rack APC UPS I picked up a couple of years ago. The wife does not believe preparing for a one in 2/3 years event of a power cut is worth preparing for 🙁

  • A few years back I carried a ‘smaller’ rack mounted APC UPS round City Rail upto Hornsby from the Graysonline unit by Olympic Park.. It was not fun and the darn thing only did its job for a year before failing.. Argh..

  • daqq

    Congrats to a great find! I’m jealous 🙂

  • Worf

    You may have reliable power, but you can always use that APC to power your test equipment and PCs and such. No reason you can’t run your whole test bench off it and be able to work while everyone else sits in the dark.

    Never underestimate the utility of good power.

    In fact, you might want to keep your precision gear on it…

  • Tom

    I don’t have rack mount units, but I have 2 for my office and 1 for my ham radio gear of the APC SmartUPS 1550 units. I run a 4th on the TV/Cable box. I even power my office lights, 3 computers, 4 monitors, 2 printers and my test equipment on 2 and not even running at 20% load on both. Redundant redundant power here. When Florida weather causes power to flicker, I just smile.

  • Globe Collector

    I think those high current D.C. connectors are called “Anderson Connectors”.

    The bayonet like connectors used on M.I.G. welders are called “Texas Connectors”.

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