• New Negative Feedback T-Shirt Design

    I’m looking for a new Negative Feedback T-Shirt design to take into a crowd source campaign to get some cheap shirts.
    Please vote for the design you like HERE

    Forum topic for discussion is HERE

    The designs are not final, they can be tweaked in the last round.

    This is probably my favourite so far, but some other aren’t close behind. It still has my hand drawn circuit, but with some extra artistry.

    but after early voting, this one seems to have taken the lead:

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      • I prefer the second one, and even then, I prefered the old one. Both above are too crowded, removes the emphasis on the circuit and centers on the less-conceptual text.

        The circuit will, visually, be blanked out and people’s attention will only focus on the proximate meaning of the text.

        With the previous design, it was clear that the text was in relation with the circuit and it would have piqued people’s curiosity.

        This one, blahhh…

        This is a clear case of LESS IS MORE.

        Where can I buy the older design ?

      • Text, on this t-shirt, should follow the mafia don principle: the more powerful you want the message to be, the faintest the statement should be. Thus, the text must be read AFTER the images is puzzled upon.

        My two megohms Rf…

      • hlavac

        I agree that the circuit image should be first.
        It puts the message into context.
        Other way around it basically says “I’m a jerk” and people will get offended and not study it further to find out it’s a joke about electronics.

        • Most people have no idea it’s a joke about electronics anyway.

      • skumdog

        I agree with the statements above. I think the image should be larger and the text should underline the image. Or perhaps get rid of the text completely and emphasize the meaning via the circuit. None the less, the first three comments said it well.

      • I don’t know, I like the original neg. feedback T as I bought one.
        The “Fancy Dan” graphics around the original concept really appeal to me.
        How and ever thats just my 2 cent.
        Maybe my original that I wear week on week will be worth more in years to come :))

      • s/’The “Fancy Dan” graphics around the original concept really appeal to me./The “Fancy Dan” graphics around the new concept T really don’t appeal to me./’g

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