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EEVblog #943 – How EEVblog Does Video Editing

Dave takes you step-by-step through his video editing, rendering, and transcoding process for an EEVblog ...

  • Nuchaz

    Way cool! Thanks for doing this! I’ve been a long time viewer and have been wanting one of your t-shirts for quite awhile, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend that $25-30 + shipping to the US. For $15 though, I’m all over it! Just ordered my negative feedback shirt. Also +1 for the fluxgate condenser shirt. I would definitely order one of those for $15.

  • Phil Tirino

    Yeah $15 is easier to explain to the wife than $40! Thanks a bunch for doing this! I’m really glad to see that your goal of 100 orders got completely blown out of the water on just the first day. I get alot of enjoyment and information out of watching your videos and I’d like to support your endeavors as much as I can, even if its just a little bit. When buying stuff on amazon I’ve tried clicking through your store in hopes you get your commision, but I have no idea if that’s been working. I bought a Korad dual 5A supply from amazon/sra and mentioned eevblog in the review. Anyway, thanks again!

  • Franck

    Rana Plaza building collapse.
    Google for it, >700 deaths, Dhaka Bangladesh.

    Check the printing company doesn’t use slaves.

    Sorry to be ‘not enjoyed’ 😉


    plus numerous building going to fire with people locked inside.

  • BOFH

    Dammit Dave, you have a kid now, you should know to sell these in kids sizes…
    My six year-old needs a 555 t-shirt.

  • Robo

    Just got the package with 2 negative feedbacks 🙂
    I like them a lot and will proudly wear it.
    Thanks for a great idea Dave.

    • Cool, thanks for supporting, glad you like them. They are great shirts!

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