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    EEVblog #846 – Solar Panel Micrometeorite Impact!

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    • http://www.eevblog.com Jan

      To save some mm’s of cable they put the mains switch on the backside. WTF!

    • tchicago

      I think you forgot to look at the chip underneath the LCD flat cable. Most likely some ADC, since it is located between the opamps and the mcu.

    • dreamgame

      JBC is made in Spain, in Barcelona exactly. And the UE mark in the transformer means “Union Europea” European Union in Spanish.

    • psidhu

      Hey Dave! I feel that this is appropriate with todays’ topic. I’d like to get your thoughts on bit.ly/13LVDLg

      It’s a 3in1 tool that could be great for hobbyists. I’ve been considering buying one, but I don’t want to just drop $120 and find later that it sucks.

      Nice video today, by the way! Cheers

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        Completely sucky. You get what you pay for.
        IMO you should not skimp on your soldering iron.
        But as always, YMMV.

    • Worf

      Strata meeting? I thought you lived in a house?

      Or is your house part of a homeowner’s association or something?

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        This is for the building the lab is in. Pays to be on the strata committee. You find out what’s happening, and get to decide on stuff.

    • Tony

      Damn, I thought I had forum login but it doesn’t appear to work…

      I’ve got a JBC too and it’s just great.

      Just one tiny problem; when working extended times (6+ hours continuous), the handle starts to get a unconfortably hot to hold.

      Fortunately I don’t have to work that long continuously that often, once or twice a year, but still.

      • Nick

        Maybe you should take a coffe break once in a while then 😛

        • Tony

          Hah, yes, that includes coffee and lunch breaks (granted, they’re ofter quite short when I work alone).
          The timeout before the iron enters low-temp sleep mode while on stand is user settable, and default is some 15-30 minutes; I haven’t bothered to change that since I get interrupted by phone quite often anyway.

    • Said

      Est il possible de voir vos vidéos en français

      • Sebmatrix


        parle en englais, EEVblog ne parle pas français.

        La traduction est :

        Is it possible to have your videos in french (subtitles) ?



        speak in english. EEVblog don’t speak French.

    • Mike Palmer

      Just discovered and love your blog. Haven’t watched all episodes yet as that would probably take a month of Sundays.

      But just wondering if the JBC station can possibly be worth $400 unless you are living in your lab 24/7? If you had to buy a new soldering station would you drop $400 on this JBC or $100/$130 on a Hakko FX88D or the Weller WESD51. I can see the advantage of the JBC for energy saving, but $270 buys a lot of energy!

      I’ve had a Weller station (non-adjustable) for 20+ years and it’s still going strong with the same bit (OK so I don’t use it every day). Do I even need an adjustable station? When would you use high heat?

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        Sure, depends on entirely on what’s important to you.
        An iron like the JBC has much better and quicker thermal recovery, and that means lower temps can be used on a given part than another iron with worse thermal mass where you have to turn the temp up to compensate.
        Yes, I would buy this iron again after having used it, unless I want pinching pennies.

    • Manuel

      In my last job we had the best JBC rework station. When I begun with my own business I bought an 800 euro Ersa (“made in germany”) station. Now I’m very sorry: that’s right that those are very strong but the tips replacement mechanism really sucks: I could have a similirar JBC’s station for a 20-30% more money and I wouldn’t burn my fingers each time I need to change the tip…