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    • Worf

      Those printer carriages and such can be used to make a nice linear actuator, if you can find two of one kind and one of another, you have the beginnings of an X-Y plotter. Add a third one for a Z axis…

    • Allan

      if the laser shines visible light only say, 10m, then maybe you could make a laser transit. It sits on a tripod and rotates the laser with a DC motor 3 to 5 revolutions so you can transfer the vertical measurement from the tripod to the wall when a button is pushed.

    • dieter

      Hi Dave,

      please do me a favour, do not use proprietary adobe stuff for your videos.

      THANK you


      • Huh? What adobe stuff?

        • dieter

          Hi Dave,
          i have-not activated Flash on my system.
          If i try to play the video (with Firefox 22), they will not play.


          best, Dieter

          • I assume you are talking about Youtube?
            If so there is nothing I can do, I host all my videos on Youtube.
            Only other option is the 640×360 RSS podcast version of the video.

            • dieter

              hmm, so something is trike with this video, i have no idea.

              But thank you for your respond.

              Best, Dieter

    • Ertew

      Hi Dave.

      Please teardown an LED printer.
      Most peoples don’t know what is a LED printer, but here’s simply explanation: get laser printer and replace [laser, rotating mirror and lens] module to few thousand LEDs in one line, like in CMOS scanner.

      As far as i know, OKI make only LED printers, no LASER printers, and it’s only company that made this type of printers.


      Btw. Unfortunately, basic function of printer-scanner-copier combo is a scanner. If You disconnect all printer mechanism, You still can use it as nice scan-to-memory-card or to network standalone device. But if scanner breaks down, whole printer is useless.

      • Wim Libaers

        LED-based printing is fairly common in high end digital printing. Same principle as in the small office printers, but scaled up to the size of a printing press. I’m working for one of the companies in that market currently (Xeikon), though not on the LDA components.

    • Rob Starling

      Love the videos, as always. If you do “probe the interface” of that laser module, could you please document it in an episode? That would be amazing.

    • Recently discovered your site, enjoy the teardowns and dumpster diving. Amazing, the stuff that gets thrown away. This one prompted me to post one of my little projects.

      I used parts from an old CD drive to improve a Whirligig my wife gave me for Father’s Day. Totally non-electronic but a good use for junk I’ve saved – just in case it might be useful someday. I used the disk drive motor bearing and drawer slide shaft to make a better pivot bearing.

      Posted pictures on my site.

    • Ross Potts

      I bet that photo interruptor wheel helps count 1200 DPI. I noticed that it was printed like a clock up to 12.

    • Xuchun

      lol. I love this video. I’m an electronic beginner hobbyist. I teared down some small equipment and try to salvage some resistors, leds and diodes. But their leads was cut too short. That was the very beginning of my hobby, less than a year ago. Then I bought an arduino learning kit, and began to accumulate these components in a junkbox.

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