• Please switch to my Youtube RSS Feed for Video

    For those who follow my video blog via the RSS Feed and suitable RSS reader/player or whatever, please switch to my Youtube RSS feed here:
    You’ll get a much higher quality 1280×720 version, super fast and more reliable download speed.

    I am considering dropping generation and hosting of the podcast files completely myself. At this stage I am not sure how this will impact iTunes.
    Of course, if you want to continue to follow my text blog posts and updates like this on eevblog.com, stick with watching the www.eevblog.com RSS feed as well http://www.eevblog.com/feed
    Discussion is HERE

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      • Worf

        How will this impact the videos shown in the “Episodes” page?

        I don’t use RSS, but the episodes page is how I get them – just refresh them and everything’s there and easy to see… if that’s going away, life just got a whole lot more inconvenient.

        • It won’t effect the episodes page. They are Youtube videos.

      • JRR

        Hm, CommaFeed says that’s an invalid RSS feed.

        • I got the same error. I had to use the following URL in CommaFeed to subscribe to the YouTube feed:


          Oddly enough, after I entered that, CommaFeed converted it to a URL that looked much like the one Dave provided.

      • Well yes, the youtube may provide 720p but these are only links to the youtube site and work as such only if you got a fast data connection. No way to view the videos offline or on a mobile phone if you are outside broadband-territory…

        • I used Miro no problems at all. It downloaded a 720P version automatically from the Youtube RSS feed.

          • AndyH

            It’s not really such a problem with desktop software as most will download it. However the Android apps usually can’t download from Youtube. They can get the RSS feed ok but the actual media is a different story.

            It would be nice to not have to download on one device and then transfer to another as it sort of defeats the purpose of being mobile.

      • AndyH

        I agree with alderweb that there needs to be a way to view the media offline. I use trains every day and catch many planes and having the podcast available offline allows me to watch the videos when there is no wireless data available.

        If it wasn’t for YouTube constantly tweaking their system then some of the better podcast apps would be able to download the video for later viewing offline. However just as the app developers get their software to work with YouTube, YouTube go and modify their system again and we end up back at square one with “Unable to Download file”.

        Dave, if there is a way you can keep the podcast going I’m sure there would be a lot of happy campers. The only down side is that downloading directly doesn’t help the YouTube subscription numbers. I’m sure there is a workaround for that.

        • No, there is no workaround for that. The podcast version has always been “off the books” as far as stats are concerned.

        • The thing is, what other video blog offers offline content this? I suspect it’s very few.

          • AndyH

            Having the offline content was just a bonus and unfortunatley having automatic downloads with podcast apps has made viewrs like me a little lazy.

            Ill download it any way its avaliable.

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