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EEVblog #1029 – BGA PCB Fanout

Dave looks at some issues with fanning out tiny 0.4mm pitch BGA packages, via pad ...

  • Peter Ksiazek

    They didn’t galvanize or powder coat after cutting, bending, and welding. Really Cheap!

  • Dave, you nailed it with the QC / QA stickers, operator 01 didn’t look at the chassis or perhaps their QA procedure says that a crappy chassis is a pass.

  • Orange

    That TxDAC does not look like a genuine Analog Devices part; it’s missing the AD logo, which is present on almost every AD part.

  • Gabe

    “It’s better to burn out than it is to rust” – Neil Young

  • james kluck

    i like teardown tuesdays ive done the like since i was a kid couldnt wait to see what was new, in 75 i opened one of the last tubed color television sets made in the usa the strange thing of the time was it had a color version of pong the video game built in i.c’s and tubes strange combo

  • Rick

    RUST?! Won’t be spending my money on any Siglent product after seeing this. I also don’t like the peel-back on the metal for making a hole for the ribbon cable. Looks like something I’d do on a home project I never expected to show off. For $1900 per unit, you’d think they could use a punch.

  • Alex

    They also used the wrong type of cable for the front panel USB connector. Instead of using a proper USB cable (with a differential pair and a shield for the signal lines) they went for a cheap flat cable. They’ll have problems with that.

  • Omniryx

    Anybody ever count how often in a one hour show Dave says

    Oy don’t loyk it. At all.
    Give me a break.

    Just ragging on you, Dave. Great series of videos; I’ve learned a lot. Keep it up.

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