• EEVblog #500 – Live Show

    An unedited 5 hour live show on Ustream for the 500th Episode
    Dave answering live viewer questions in the chat room for a full 5 hours (don’t expect anything else!)
    Sorry, the video capture of the live chat comments didn’t work properly.

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      • Walter delbono

        Congratulations dave thanx for creating this awesome concept that we call eevblog and for all your hard work all this years sharing this awesome information with all of us i hope we can see 999999999 more of the best electronics engineering videos that the internet ever seen… 🙂

      • Patrick

        Hi Dave,

        I can express enough how your work has pushed and inspired be to see the elegance and creativity of the electronics world. If not for you, I’d still be trapped in the plain boring classroom-taught style of electronics.

        Congratulations on your 500th video! And thank you very much 🙂

        Looking forward to your future videos 🙂

      • BiOzZ

        i sat thru this entire live show … it was an amazing one!

      • Very well done on getting to 500, half way to a thousand – impressive!

        Must echo what people have said here. You’ve got me off my posterior and back into electronics.

        Just having some fun with my youngest son dissecting a broken CD/radio alarm clock and seeing what bits we can put to other uses. While my eldest is learning the fine arts of creating a wordpress site about our recent trip to Cambodia (BTW got 99% in his Computing ICAS!).

        Keep up the good work and feel free to ping me if you want any help with the web bits.

      • Drone

        5 hours of live but still no mailbag.

        • robert

          How about ‘mailbag uncut’.

          No editing except adding the intro and the outro. That’d preserve some of the ‘live’ atmosphere as well.

      • JRR

        I recently got on the monthly donation thing. If it would help with more Fundamentals Fridays or other “less popular” things which are IMO awesome but don’t draw enough eyeballs to pay, make some noise and I (and I’m sure others) will happily bump up our donations to cover it.

        I’m at beginner level though I’ve done a lot with the little knowledge I have, I love to learn more and I learn every time I watch your stuff. To give you an idea, I’m learning from “According To Pete” on Sparkfun’s channel as well. But I do a lot with microcontrollers and I get more of that from you, I particularly liked the JTAG and FPGA segments. Sometimes someone who knows what they’re talking about drawing a few sketches is worth hours of trying to find the info on their own.

      • Franck


        I think this might be related to electronic in some way.
        Some of you knows linux. Some not. Arduino, Raspberry etc etc etc.

        Well, Canonical the most biggest sponsor of linux distro Ubuntu is lauching a giant ‘crowdfunding’.

        The goal is to deliver an open smartphone. Soft and hardware.

        I really hope for the success of this project 😉
        google for “indiegogo Ubuntu Edge”


        thank you Dave for the fun, joy, cheerfulness you provide.

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