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    EEVblog #821 – Mailbag

    EEVblog #821 – Mailbag

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    • Empty

      Well, the last robot … german & nazi symbols…
      It is hard to understand this, it is hard to belive that someone can select this for his robot.

      • Andy

        I have a feeling that the robot was called Das Boot.

        For reference, that is a Norwegian film (I think a true story) about a German U-Boat commander who was a commited German military seaman, who resented the Nazi party.

        He refused to abandon the survivors of a Merchant vessel he had sunk carrying German prisoners of war, Jews, and Allied civilians alike. This action was persued by him in adherance to the Geneva convention, and against the demands of his SS commanders.

        When an SOS was sent by the German U-Boat to request allied collection of the survivors, the Americans arrived, saw the U-Boat and shot at the allied survivors.

        Some of the points may be wrong here, but the broad sweep is correct.

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        There is no Nazi symbol on that robot.
        The robot is called Das Boot, after the very highly acclaimed movie of the same name.

    • Andy

      Actually it turns out that the broad sweep was wrong, but the details were right.

      The story I’m thinking of is “The Sinking of the Laconia”.

      Even so, the war is well and truly over. The onl weapon that comes from Germany now has an Audi badge on it. Generally it’s piloted by an upwardly mobile, road enraged, Brit.

      I didn’t see a swastikia. The “iron coss” remains the german military insiginia today, I think.

    • Dr. Frank

      Tough video. The last robots were most fun.

      ‘Das Boot’ (about U-96) is an internationally accredited film made in Germany, from 1981. Intense, claustrophobic play about the cruelty of (submarine) war, and great music from Doldingers Passport:



    • f4eru

      That’s not robotics. it’s RC controlled destruction.

    • MG

      I was hoping for a teardown! :(

    • Dr. Frank


      obviously you did not watch that movie:

      The film “Das Boot” is the contrary of glorification of Nazis. Instead ordinary soldiers are shown, which later on are disillusioned and doubtful. Do you really think, in 1981 it would have been possible in my country to create a movie which glorifies that Nazi pack?

      If you still find it tasteless to make a quote on that movie, well, it’s up to you. But I find it’s not very well investigated by you.

      Well, and just for historical correctness, there’s also no Nazi symbol on that ‘robot’.

      That Iron Cross, origin in the middle ages already, is an old military medal, and military sign, still in use in todays German military organization.