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  • kede

    Hi Dave,

    you might want to take a look at the Hameg HMP4040. It’s a 4 channel 32V 10A supply (linear but with switching pre regulator, max 160W per channel, max 384W total).


  • Marcin

    1. Dave will not be looked at Hameg, because there is no advertising of the Hameg 🙂
    money …
    2.Price Hameng = 2500 USD (incl TAX). …Not this price range!
    3. Rigol slightly exaggerating with these options.
    4(3a?). Rigol DP832 – DP832A does not differ, in a few color variations plus options (hack?) – but the difference in price …. This is a very stupid ….

    • Dan

      You guys should buy the Hameg and send it to him for review.

  • Warren

    I find it interesting that the display is obviously full color, yet the designers chose to limit it to monochrome. That’s a lot of wasted potential.

    • David

      Not only that, but they do faux 7-seg. Why on earth would you do that?

      One can clearly find more legible fonts. In fact, they have on their other products. 🙂

  • Name


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