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    EEVBlog #819 – Kirchhoff’s Laws Tutorial

    EEVBlog #819 – Kirchhoff’s Laws Tutorial

    Dave explains the fundamentals of Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL) and Kirchhoffs Voltage Law (KVL) leading ...

    • http://ludzinc.blogspot.com.au/ Simon

      I’ve been playing with the Azoteq touch sensors.

      To get data to stream you have to programme the chip via the Azoteq programmer. No, they don’t give you the specs so you can roll your own.

      The chips are OTP (One Time Programmable) too – and with a bunch of ‘tuning’ options, you’ll need a bag of them to optimise them for your application.

      Yes, there are lots of touch switch options out there, but these things do proximity sooo much better.

    • http://www.wrljet.com Bill Lewis

      The reason the PB Swiss tips are not chrome plated is to avoid a problem called hydrogen embrittlement. Not uncommon on good tools.


      • JP

        That may be but the fact they didn’t protect the tips with a good oil spray or anti-corrosion coating says FAIL.

        • Bill Lewis

          The non-chromed tip technique is used on all quality screwdrivers and it is important.

          The PB black tips are treated to reduce corrosion.

    • Paul

      I think I may buy one of those resistance boards from Gerry, they’d be good for the electronics I do/learning.

    • Marcin

      Hi Dave :)
      Pozdrowienia ze słonecznej florydy
      Greetings from sunny Florida

    • http://www.wrljet.com Bill Lewis

      For working on vintage Tektronix stuff I needed Pozidrive screwdrivers to avoid buggering up the screws (trying to use Phillips). Not a terribly common item. I got some really nice ones on Amazon.com. PB Swiss brand. With soft-touch handles. Very pleased with those.

      I’ve had my fill of the Sears/Xcelite/Vaco type with the hard transparent plastic handles. Over time that material seems to decompose and make a horrible stink, just like vomit.

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        Oh yes, that famous stinky Xcelite smell! It is horrid.

    • Leonard


      This is totally off topic but I need some advice regarding my multimeter (Blue Point, Model: MTIND153). I recently lost my probes and I not sure what I should be looking for in a replacement. Can you give me a few suggestions of what I should be looking for (probes)and where.

      Thanking you in advance,


    • MG

      +1 for the PSOC tutorial! :)

    • chippy

      +1 From me too for the PSoC.
      But don’t forget to make a 3-way FPGA board shootout.

    • Dr. Frank


      get better again, please!

      Best wishes, Frank

    • http://poonisteps.wordpress.com/ Raja Balu

      Dave, I would love to watch your FPGA development boards comparison. Hope you get well soon.

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