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  • Posted on August 28th, 2013 EEVblog 8 comments

    The draw for the Hameg analog/digital oscilloscope.

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    • Paul

      Bugger I missed out, we got loads of these for sale in the e-bay UK, I must remember to only buy from a UK seller though.

    • Albert

      Ha! Well done Dave! I have a Hameg HM208, pretty similar indeed; great scope, for a lucky new owner.

    • ok7

      Hi Dave,
      I am a long time fan of your blog. I post here because I cannot register to your forum. I notice that your forum has a moderation team which filter according to spammer lists.
      I tried to register three times but no respond from moderators team.
      I am from Myanmar and I notice that some of my ISP proxy address are in spammer lists such as,, But please notice that all users at Myanmar are behind those proxies and firewall. These IP address is belong to my ISP Yatanarpon Teleport.
      If you block these IP range, no one from Myanmar cannot register to forum because there is only One public ISP in Myanmar(Yes, if you believe it or not :D).
      I comment here because I cannot inform with other ways.
      “Hello World” from Myanmar.

      • EEVblog

        Yes, the forum uses
        send me your forum username and email address and I can manually activate.

    • Pixel_K

      Sorry to see you that sick Dave, I hope you get better soon. By the way, you forgot to set a title for this post.

    • Günther Kantz

      I think you should use another preview picture 😉

    • sequence

      This is some of the most righteous indignation I’ve ever seen. Dave’s videos are great.

    • sequence

      Whoops, meant about the Rigol DP832. Always a good show!