• µRuler Packing

    See what’s involved in packing and shipping the µRulers to Australian customers for the Pozzible crowd source funded campaign.

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      • A little code in Excel VBA could fix the country ID’s in seconds. Just create a table with the possibles and optimals and go from there.

        And as to mailing, I’ve done a literal shit ton of it. Used pre-sorting software to group them to get the best rate, printed labels stuck em’ on catalogs, sorted into sacks, labeled sacks, etc.

      • SA007

        For some reason I think a lot of electronics/marketing companies would pay a large amount of money for that address list of all electronics nerds 🙂

      • Peter Ksiazek

        I found myself in your mailing list!

      • Hi Dave,
        You opened a door for lawsuits by exposing that mailing list.

        Nice job on the rulers and website.

        Hope no one gets too pissed.


        • Ashley Basil

          Larry in the UK a post code only get you about 100 houses. yes I know some will get neurotic about it, but life is to short to worry.
          Nice to see my post code go by. Great work Dave.

        • Chris Brims

          In the US even the 9 digit “extended” zip code gets you 10 to 20 houses it looks like. I can’t find stats on the regular 5 digit code, but I suspect it’s several thousand. I doubt any international lawsuits would even begin to hold up for zip code revelations.

          Someone said in Portugal that the zip code gets you the exact house. Then what’s the point of the address? And wouldn’t their zip codes need to be more than a few digits? Wikipedia says there are 10 million houses in Portugal, then you have to add all apartments and commercial buildings, etc. So they’d have to have at least a 15 digit zip code to pinpoint a building.

          • Cliff

            In the US a 9 digit zip code gets you to your block aka 200 Main street. 300 Main street is another 9 digit code.

            The postnet code, the bar code that’s printed on the envelope, is actually 11 digits and is your house since includes the last two digits of your street number.

      • Nuno L.

        Actually, a postal code in Portugal pinpoints exactly your house, so I would not show those on youtube as allot of people would go berserk.

      • BiOzZ

        Oh wow shocking the number of people here from my small state of maryland!

        but can’t wait to get my uruller!

      • Unlike other countries, postcodes in Australia don’t even uniquely identify a suburb – my postcode is shared amongst 4 separate suburbs, with a totoal population of about 35,000 people.

        I didn’t see my name in the list, but I did see my postcode at least twice, and my suburb once (probably me).

        In any case, my 5 rules have arrived already!

      • Chris

        Found me on the list! Looking forward to those rulers!

      • how many papercuts ?

        • I showed at the end of the video – none!

      • Hans

        Regarding labels then you can save a lot by using a “real” label-printer, the cost pr. label is much lower, but the learning curve is a bit steeper, and if you avoid using windows graphic printing and use the printers own built-in language then the printing speed will increase too.
        And we are not talking peanuts, it is significant what you can archive this way both in price and speed, but the initial cost to the label-printer is higher.

        • MarkR

          We use standard Avery A4 label paper, 3 across 7 down. Any half decent laser printer will spit out 30+ pages a minute, or in other words over 1000 labels every couple of minutes.

          • Hans

            The advantage by using A4 is the speed with a fast printer, but printing speed is not everything.

            The disadvantages by using label sheets is many.

            Waste of labels if you only have to print a few labels (you should not recycle the A4 into the printer again to use the remaining labels)

            Time it takes to remove the labels from the sheet, much more time consuming than a real label printer, especially if you use one that peel the labels off for you.

            Not all combinations of printer and A4 label sheet fit etch other, and not all printers can handle label sheets. This account for some printer repairs where labels get stuck inside the printer, some times because the printer don’t work with labels, other times it is sensitive to the brand of labels, other times because the operator want to recycle a label sheet that is half used.

            The total cost to use label sheets is higher that a real label printer, but where the trade off between the two methods is depend on the local setup, it could be 1000, it could even in some setup be 100000 labels, but real label printers wins when we speak volume.

          • Same here, i use 3 col x 7 row labels on A4 and use an excel sheet as a template as i do a few at a time

      • Packing yes can be a nightmare when you go from a few to many. i have made many small investments to speed life up.

      • elgonzo

        I didn’t expect German surnames being so common amongst Australian µRuler fans 🙂

      • Cliff

        So Dave how many returns?

        I know that people entered their own address and should have gotten it right but there has to be a few.

        I bet it will take months for the overseas ones, if you even get them back.

        • There was a good 10-15% loss rate on the Oz rulers. Most of them made it, but just missing the rulers.

          • Cliff

            You mean empty envelopes?

      • Ashley Basil

      The EEVblog Store generally ships twice a week, on Tuesdays & Fridays, Sydney time. Dismiss