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EEVblog #999 – Youtube Silver Award Live Subscription Counter!

Dave transformed his boring Youtube Silver Play Button Award into a cool retro nixie tube ...

  • Worf

    To save everyone the time – the ebook is Amazon-only.

  • please please PLLLLEEEEEEASE Dave, do some Ebergy Harvesting Videos !!! 🙂

  • Energy that is… :-p

  • A VERY GOOD Dumpster Dive!
    Quite a useful device. Custom wallpaper anyone?

  • Warren

    I had a skywriter as a child. Its timing was controlled by a small metal weight that slid back and forth to open and close a circuit. It eventually wore out or corroded, so I replaced it with a mercury tilt switch from Radio Shack. Yes, you could still get those back then!

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