EEVblog #537 – Square Kilometre Array Phase Array Feed Prototype

Dave has a very quick look impromptu look at the Australian Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Phase Array Feed Prototype receiver
Photos HERE
Design of the Phase Array Feed:

NOTE: This is most definitely not up to my usual standard for content or quality, so don’t expect much, it is what it is.

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    • Jonathan McDonald

      Like the video looks like a nice family holiday have you been to the Australia Telescope Compact Array near Narrabri NSW? The telescope is an array of six identical 22-metre (72 ft) diameter dishes, Five of the dishes can be moved along a three-kilometre (2 mi) railway track it can also be linked to parks. Lots of great things to see in Australia.

    • wardy

      That tiny brick building looks hilariously small beneath the gigantic dish. A fantastic piece of engineering any way you look at it.

    • ErikNorwegian

      Was this dish that they used in the Movie The Dish, about Apollo tracking the signal? You may well havemore than one, but it look like it.

      • Yes, this one is called “The Dish”, hence the name of the movie.

    • Astro Fan

      Hi Dave, nice video!

      But, South Africa didn’t win the Square Kilometre Array – Australia and Southern Africa will be sharing the project. In fact, the dishes that will be built in Australia as part of the project may end up using these phased array feed receivers.

      Also, there are already 36 antennas built in WA that form a telescope called the Australian SKA Pathfinder. This telescope uses a larger version of the prototype receiver you’ve seen at the Parkes visitors centre.

    • Peter


      I suggest you consider using a polarising filter for photos/videos through glass.

      Alternatively you could use a large piece of black card with a hole for the camera lens. (not as convenient as the filter 🙂 )



      • It’s was a pocket cam and an impromptu shoot. Not something I’d be prepared for.

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