First international µRuler has arrived

The first mailing house envelope has arrived, in Sweeden of all places, and then Singapore:

No Australia on the return address, and they said they would print a barcode but didn’t. Perhaps that delayed the delivery?

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    • MarkR

      Hi Dave,

      You might want to blank out the address.

      • He posted that image online himself, so I presume he’s not fussed.

    • The barcode is there – it is hard to see as they use special UV fluorescent ink – but it is the orange marks near the bottom edge. Not sure if there is an international standard for the barcode though…

      • I presume that was printed by the post office and not the mailing house because it’s not in the same black ink. The mailing house bar code are usually just above the address.

        • Pozzibly… but they wouldn’t get the benefit of the best bulk mailing rates if they didn’t print the barcode.

    • MarkR

      The barcode system in Ireland is looks much the same. When mine arrives I’ll check if it is the same or if the local post office printed their own as well. I have seen envelopes from overseas with stickers over the bar code and a new local one (?) printed.

    • Rikard

      Got mine today too (in Sweden).

      • Henrik

        No rulers here so far, although I’m in Sweden. Seems to artive randomly. Anyone else on Sweden that hasn’t got ttheir rulers yet?

        • Henrik

          Typos due to stupid phone…

    • Ulf

      Got mine today to! (Sweden) thanks

    • Björn Lindström

      My three envelops arrived yesterday. Sweden seams to be the top contry in mailing 😉

    • Tilman Baumann

      Oh dear oh dear. What a saga.
      Is that the first time they sent international mail? Return address without country? Come on.

      Anyway, can’t wait for mine to arrive.

    • Elijah

      Hi, Dave! Hi, everybody!
      How can I purchase such a fantastic piece of measurement equipment?
      Couldn’t find that anywhere. Thanks!

    • Zedric

      Hi. Anyone in Sweden that ordered more rulers than they need and be willing to sell one to a poor soul that missed the kickstarter?

    • Jan

      Hi Dave,
      today my µRulers have arrived safely in Germany!


    • Rudolf

      Hi Dave,

      today my µRulers have arrived safely in UK!


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