• EEVblog #551 – Sydney Mini Maker Faire

    Dave takes you on a highlights tour through the first Sydney Mini Maker Faire at the Powerhouse Museum.
    This is the overview video, more will follow with behind the scenes stuff and extended interviews.
    Forum: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-551-sydney-mini-maker-faire/

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      • problemchild68

        Hi, that was great I see you even made use of your “B-Roll” camera! i would of said that was far from a “mini” maker faire as the number of exhibits seemed to be quite large, admitedly there was large areas of open space as you ran around there… Is there an official definition of Mini vs Standard Size Makerfaire ??

        The Quality of exhibits also seemed very high and mostly well finished it would be nice to see more footage if you have some more interviews or stuff.

        I’ve just exhibited at the Derby “Mini” makerfaire here inthe UK and they had around 1200 visitors and the noise was continous i think the wider spacing make your interviewing much easier in terms of noise.
        Any way here’s a link to my Blog post and videos of Derby!!


        • Yes, there is an official definition of “mini” according to O’reily media, and this one fits within that class, I forget the exact number.

          • problemchild68

            In case some one feels inspired here’s the Maker faire guidelines.


            Sounds like they’ve had around a 100 Faires this year …quite a number

      • Peter Körner

        Awsome stuff done by wired and wonderful people. Or the other way ’round.


      • ViceLord

        Hi Dave.
        Sorry to bother you but there is a problem with the embeded link for the forum in the discription of this video and the last one.
        It is just showing the forum link but it isn’t clickable.


      • Craig

        I plan on visiting my first Maker Faire next year. Either in Detroit or New York I believe. This video just makes me even more excited to go!

        – DarkPrince

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