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  • Wonko the Sane

    Currently kick starter shows 1028 units ordered…

    Only 1018 to go!

  • Hi Dave, amazing work as usual. Where did you get these 3mm gold female banana sockets, can you please share that information, thanks.

  • Jason

    Hope you can some sleep after this KS. Geez, it’s geting closer to that 1,500 unit mark (I calculate that there should be at least 27 multiple units for a total 1,100+ units). Most of the KS is logarithmic (a r2 of 0.99) with the last two days as outliers (a mad dash to the finish).

    I hope the production units look and work as good as the hand assembled units. Good job on the 0.025 percent.

  • José Marques

    Hi there!
    I’m new to instrumentation and in the past months i’ve studied some things and reached some conclusions. One of them was that in most of precision ammeters the feedback ammeter method is chosen over shunt method. Is there any reason, other than price and power consuption that took you into making that decision? Any drawback in feedback ammeter method?

    i’m really interested in this project and i hope you see and reply to this!

    P.S. Sorry for my spelling. I’m not known to be a very good english speaker.

    Congratulations on the project!

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