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    WENS 540 Handheld 10MHz Oscilloscope and Debug Meter

    A very brief look at the new WENS 540 Debug Meter with Charles from Trio ...

    • clark

      thanx dave for this video, more video about analog or digital DTT transmitters too are very welcome, waiting ….thanx again

    • clark

      forgot to say; FM and DAB+ transmitters teardown too….

    • Would be interesting if you could share the ‘what happened inbetween, after the guy stopped you filming. This could easily have just ended with you getting kicked out, how did you turn it around?

      Also are those tubes I see on the diagram?

      • jone

        YEAP, the guy wasn’t friendly and courteous

    • N2IXK

      Can’t wait to see this one!

      Hope you at least got some shots of the guts of the power amps and the HV power supply, since you didn’t take them with you. 🙂

      This is a GREAT subject for a teardown, as most electronics folks have never seen or worked with multi-kilowatt RF gear, or “modern” equipment that still uses vacuum tubes. Coax feedlines that look like copper pipes, water cooled dummy loads, all kinds of neat stuff at transmitter facilities…

      • P. J. Severtson – KK6CUI

        Hi Guys,

        I’m an amateur radio operator, call sign KK6CUI(technician class)in Hollywood California. I am also interested in amateur electronics (of course)and have a small lab at home.

        As such I and other amateur radio operators would be increadably interested in knowing about how commercial transmitter equipment is different in scale and features in comparison to amateur as much of amateur radio transmitter equipment is still analog. Of course, amateur equipment are transceivers, adding the transmit function. Amateur radio technology is only just getting into digital technology within the last few years or decade.

        I would be glad to post a link of any EEV blog videos to our web site (http://www.papasys.com/) for all members to see, of which there are several hundred. What fun!!

        Thanks, Dave, for all your hard work and injecting such enthusiam into electronics.


        P. J. Severtson

    • Chris

      I don’t know how I didn’t know about this channel before, but I love it. Now when I read through my Horowitz and Hill, the words sound Australian.

    • dentaku

      I’m guessing Dave already knows people there and the security guard thing wasn’t serious.

      If Dave was a real intruder he wouldn’t have ended up coming back to his lab with the equipment in the end 🙂

    • kikoku

      Obviously the guard was not serious, guys 😉

    • BobC


      Some of my favorite sayings:

      “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

      “They can’t say ‘Yes’ if you don’t ask!”

      Getting ‘No’ for an answer doesn’t mean you’re wrong for asking: It more likely means you asked the wrong question. Try again, differently.

    • chippy

      OHH ! This is a real teaser !
      Can’t wait to see this 😀

    • JFA in Montreal

      Oh devilish Aussie, you _tease_ ! 🙂

    • JFA in Montreal

      Dave subdued the heavy security guard, because he was accompanied by his own bodyguard, the guy in the photo of the previous post… 😀

    • Arnon

      do you want to replace the antenna light bulb? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPvCuc1_mgM&feature=share

    • dmm

      Hmmm.. that RF power switch panel looks familiar.

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