• uCurrent GOLD Assembler Parts Shipping

    A little behind the scenes packing and shipping the uCurrent parts off to the assembler.

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      • Calexanian

        Looking good!

      • Bonio

        Dave, are you gonna sell uCurrent on ebay?

      • Willie Smack

        Lookin’ good brutha

      • Willie Smack

        Would you sell me that green panel as is for $500?

        • Too late, it’s at the assemblers.

      • Jippie

        I thought you had your floor emptied, didn’t take long to get it filled again Dave ;o)

        Two questions:

        1. What about the leftover LED’s from the moisture resist package, are those scrap material or can a manufacturer seal them again? Or do they indeed have to put them in an oven like written on the pack? That sounds expensive to me, not only in time.

        2. If I remember correctly, the LED is soldered on the board and light is emitted at PCB side. Are those special package LED’s, are the LED’s upside down on the reel, do they require special attention when assembling?

        • Yes, they can reuse them if they bake them.
          No special attention required during placement, they come in the tape face down.

          • Jippie


      • Rafael Souza

        This video is a good display of why logistics is highly valuable these days, where things are manufactured by thousands and even a small board like the uCurrent easily takes an incredible amount of effort to simply consolidate and ship.

      • Josh

        Any update as to when these will be available for sale, for us fools who missed the Kickstarter by a couple hours (and have been kicking themselves ever since…)?

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