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EEVblog #971 – Zero Standby Power TV – BUSTED!

Bristol University have a neat new “zero power sensing” chip that takes energy harvested signals ...

  • Michael


    It kills me to see you hacking the paper with that blunt object you call a knife. PLEASE! Take a lesson from Mic Dundee and get a “real knife.” 🙂

  • Chris

    I’ve got to stop following your twitter feed. It’s like reading the spoliers before watching the movie. 🙂

  • MarkR

    Switched off the local analogue TV TX. The very same TX which is sitting behind you on the shelf! Time to dig it out and fire her up…

    • Worf

      That’s just an exciter, not a full transmitter…

      • MarkR

        300W of Exciter. Even if it was 300mw it would transmit across the lab on the lab on a dummy load.

  • Skye Sweeney

    That robot arm might be very nice for pick and placing large items like CD/DVDs for a home made disc duplicator or backup system.

    • huh

      If it can lift beer cans and scratch my cat’s back then I want one!:)

  • Chris 555

    Dave – regarding backlighting the sign – I see some good ideas on the forum, like an LCD diffuser or lighting from the side.

    I also came across something the other day that I’ve been wanting to try. They make some sort of etching cream to add a frosted effect to glass. Not sure if it would work for other materials, but it’s worth a shot. If it does, it could give you a nice even lighting effect. Available at hobby/craft type stores, Walmart, etc.

    I saw it mentioned here: http://www.eetimes.com/author.asp?section_id=36&doc_id=1320712

    • I’ve tried a diffuser and it’s still quite poor.

  • Dave, are you using your new mic? The audio on this video sure sounds much more crisp than it usually does. The things you notice with studio monitors! 🙂

  • Bruno

    For back-lighting the sign, have you considered using EL panels? They’re evenly lit across their surface, and you can get them in quite a few colours.

  • electrolux

    Brilliant arm, but it’s open source so is there any where I can download the plans and programming code?

  • electrolux

    When is the robotic arm vid coming?

  • Eric B

    No word on where to get those cool lab notebooks? I’d love to have one of those Amp Hour notebooks with my name on the spine!