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    EEVblog #821 – Mailbag

    EEVblog #821 – Mailbag

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    • http://JeanFrancoisAvon.com JFA in Montreal

      For aquarium controller, there is a magnificent developpement called “Jarduino”. The software is donation-ware. It uses a Mega2560, has a touch screen 360×240 color TFT screen, and can control more things than you could ever imagine. It has lunar simulations, etc. Control pumps, replenishers, day and weather lighting, with clouds simulation, has expandability for pH monitors, etc, does things such as shut down the circulation pumps for a few minutes during feeding so as to not prematurely sink the dropped food, etc.

      The guy suggests a 10£ donation to send you his code.

      There is also a truly outstanding software user manual, something remarkable for an amateur-designed product. The thing is hosted on Google servers.

      The development is so good, it’s not even worth it bothering about programming one yourself.

      I sent him 15£ to get the code just so I could look at his TFT / touch screen routines. The GUI is great.

    • Chris

      Yes, I spent my Valentine’s Day evening watching your 3 hour video. Better than my usual tradition of crying into a gallon of ice cream.

      • Johm

        Completely agree, thumb up! We’re becoming DaveDevoted EE’s.

    • vimes

      Dave, about those phones in airplanes.

      Even if nobody in a packed dreamliner would off their phone, the plane would not be in any danger of crashing.
      The telephone network down on the ground however is another story.
      Just imagine 600 live connections hopping from roaming cell to roaming cell within minutes or less.

      • f4eru

        There is much more to that :

        1) shitty EMC products (usually not phones, they are well shielded and filtered) can in fact jam theRx bands of aviation. Usually badly shielded SMPS can be problems. You can validate the aircraft as much as you want, if the RX band is full of shit, you cannot receive anything. The risk is low but it’s there

        2) Attention need : usually the FAA and similar regulators want the people to be alert on start and land so if something happens, people can act and react quickly.

        3) overload of base stations : phones who connect to BS on the ground disrupt many many other cells on that time slot because of the exagerated reach of the uplink from a big height. Also, at 800 km/h, there is a doppler and fading effects that put a lot of strain on the network, consuming excessive spectrum.

        4) regulation issues : Transmitting a signal from an aircraft is highly regulated. Mobile phones are licenced for ground use only (and designed accordingly). Sorry guys, Sea borne and air borne use is NOT allowed.

        • http://robotsforroboticists.com/ David Kohanbash

          A few months ago the FAA (Govt. group in charge of aviation in the US) changed their policy to let airlines allow “small” electronics on planes from takeoff to landing.


        • isaturnine

          IIRC a big problem with airborne GSM phones is that they will have a lot more gsm cells within line of sight and confuse the living daylights out of the call routing infrastructure by logging on to cells physically far apart in quick succession…

          • f4eru

            Not only that, they also clog a channel (timeslot/code/frequency combination) over a huge and unexpected area on the uplink because they just send onver hundreds or thousands of kilometers while communicating with a close BS.

          • Neganur

            I’m not really sure where you get this from, the antennas of cell phone base stations are not exactly pointing upwards for people in airplanes…

    • Paul

      I like to build all my own test equipment, but how can I tell if it’s accurate, will calibration centres bother with hobbyists or are we just a pain the their arses

    • isaturnine

      May I suggest a simple demo for your ferrite bead tutorial: Original (bipolar) NE555 in astable, current probe in VCC line, with and without ferrite bead. Experiment put a “!” on my face back then…

    • http://www.driveinvert.co.uk/ CNC Controller Repair

      Thanks a lot .Really my device is working perfectly. Thank you!!!!!!

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    • Ross Kelly

      Great answer for the donkey question! I got a great laugh out of that.

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