• EEVblog #583 – Wyong HAM Radio Field Day 2014

    Dave visits the 2014 CCARC Wyong HAM Radio Field day and sets up a car boot sale.
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      • Wait a minute, down under Field Day seems to have a totally different vibe than what we do here in the U.S.

        Here in the U.S. we haul all our stuff out into a literal grassy field somewhere, crank up atennas, setup generators and battery arrarys, etc. And work as many contacts as we can on voice, cw, etc.

      • Kevin

        The people there all dress like dags. They would stand out like a sore toe at a discotheque.

      • Rob VK2GOM

        Yes, a ‘field day’ has a completely different meaning down here. It’s what Brits would call a ‘rally’ and what Americans would call a ‘hamfest’ or a ‘flea market’. Field Days to me do indeed mean going /P with the club for a portable contest or something, raising antennas, operating radio etc. 73!

      • VK2UPK

        Great to meet you in person. Thanks for the rulers. Good to see that you managed to off load a few items at the field day.

      • KG6VYY


        You really are a very low-frequency bloke! 😉

        You’ve never heard of “Giga-Tronics?” That sounds hard to believe as they are a major RF/ microwave T&M company (RF power meters/sensors, RF signal generators, switches/matrices, etc.), from up north of me in San Ramon, California.



        • Can’t recall any in any lab I’ve ever worked in. And have never been in the market to spec such stuff myself. Yes, I worked for more than decade in an industry that considered 2KHz (yes K) “high frequency”.

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