EEVblog #592 – Mailbag

OSCAR Open Screen Adapter Kickstarter
A documentary video on the origins of Hewlett Packard
Treadgaming, gaming while running in a treadmill
Cypress USB 3.0 development kit
Visionect – A complete 6″ e-ink display waterproof WiFi enabled tablet development kit
BareDuino – worlds smallest Arduino compatible board
ERIC Low Power Encrypted RF Radio Modules
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    • Dan

      Hi Dave, firstly great video!

      Re: the Visionect – just an idea (and maybe you tried this already), but the icon in the middle of the display when it’s not charging looks like a knob with a vague indication of movement – maybe you need to drag a circle from the top of the icon clockwise 90 degrees to ‘unlock’ it?


      • Chris_PL


        Thought exactly the same, BUT if it works that way then “touch” instead of “drag”, “slide” in the message is a real GUI bug just at the beginning…

        • KingOfDos

          “touch” and “it may take a few seconds”. Did you touch it for 5~10 seconds? What if the SoC is in deep sleep with a slow polling interval (5+ seconds?), and it compares 2 hits (that is how I would prevent accidental powerup). If it only gets one, it might fall back to sleep?

    • Chris

      Hi Dave. Back in a previous job, I received training in fiber optics. Interesting stuff. Heavy duty dust caps are not a frivolous accessory. Add in some bits of dust/dirt and a little moisture and you basically end up with mud on your fiber!

      Dont know who gets riled up about you saying ‘Murica though, I hear enough people from my country(the US) say it jokingly anyway.

      AES encryption I would be willing to bet has been cracked by the NSA so it may not be as secure as it once was.(I have to apologize for my government, I would have voted for Ron Paul had he been on the ballot)

      • Oren Aviv

        Don’t know about Rand and Ron Paul, they’ve got some good ideas but they aren’t american first.

        With america first I all citizens right ability to survive and achieve. They mostly wants everyone to do everything which is almost impossible no matter how smart and hard-working you are if you haven’t got giant resource pool behind you. They are money people firsters, secondly they are Israel firsters. No need to go into that to deep.

    • Crille

      Yes please show us Mikes eRIC modules :-)
      I’m into low power wireless stuffs, and theese looks interesting!


    • Pixel_K

      Why not go photonicinduction with the crappy “camcorder” ? Shoot a few dozen amps into that piece of crap an lets see if there’s any volcano forming within !

    • Robert123897158

      I for one would like to see a teardown of the worlds shitiest digital camcorder :)

      • tox3


      • geostep


        I think Dave should empasize the ‘tear’ in teardown for that camera. Just looking at that… thing gave me the creeps!

        – George

      • iliketux

        Since I don’t even know how to build such a shitty camcorder, I think, a teardown could be interresting.
        But when you think that thing is too cheap you could desolder one of your HD cams as an replacement show 😉

      • Worf

        Yes, tear it down! Maybe go even further and tear it down even more.

        Oh, and do a recording while you tear it down so we can see it die while you rip it apart and destroy it.

    • JFA in Montreal

      eRIC radios…

      AES-128 ? Everyone’s dropping it. Unsecure.

      And since it’s coming out of George Orwell’s country, great pals with Uncle Sam’s, this ought to be suspected. Sure, Miss Barraclough next door won’t be able to eavesdrop on your kid monitor’s audio, but when 14 y.o. kids can develop their own Atmega boards, you realise the world has changed…

    • JFA in Montreal

      Stoopid me. I mixed my encryption algorithms.
      AES-128 is still current and considered safe.
      But there ain’t do delete button on posts. ARRGH!

    • elgonzo

      That doesn’t look like a DVD-DVI gender changer to me, rather like a DVI-DVI extender (male-female connector).
      With an approx. length of 48mm this could be quite possibly the world smallest (rigid) DVI extension cable… 😀

      • elgonzo

        …yes, yes, i didn’t watch the video to the end. Sorry :)

    • Carl

      The second parcel from Lawrence, it said “gift under white paper”, yet you ripped the white paper off and missed what was under there.
      Watching in HD clearly shows something.
      I wonder what it was? I guess it’s in the bin already!

    • Martin

      A video on Eric would be useful. With no arms and legs he really should be called bob.

    • chippy

      Well Dave,
      you have to read what it says.
      It says “Please continue to charge”.
      Somaybe on first time you need to charge it complelety ?!?

    • Simon

      Watched the HP promo video, yea good but I’m pretty sure it’s no longer like that! I vowed never to own another HP printer bewcause no I was not allowed to have choice and their “way” is supposed to be. my “driver” instalation forced me to installed 0.5GB! of software I never asked for that was aimed at getting me into services and products I never wanted.

    • PCB Manufacturer China

      At around 4:30 dave says that the line starts at about $3300. Yes the MDO3012 2 channel, 100MHz is $3350USD, $3670 AUD. But the 4 channel, 1GHz MDO3104 is $13,900 USD, $15,239 AUD! Dave has moved to the statospher