• EEVblog #597 – Fluke 114 Kit Multimeter + Sparkfun/Fluke Rant

    Fluke 114/117 Kit Multimeter for hackers, makers, and hobbyists.
    Tweet @FlukeCorp if you want to get on the list for one:
    Use the hashtag #FlukeKit
    Or ask on their Facebook page

    Dave comments on the Sparkfun/Fluke multimeter customs trademark/trade dress fiasco, and shows off the new low cost Fluke 114/117 Kit Multimeter about to be released.

    The Sparkfun blog post
    Flukes Trade Commission Exclusion Order
    GIVEAWAY: I’ll be giving this multimeter away to the most needy – but only if you bothered to read this video description!
    So if you want it, leave a comment saying why you should have it.

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