• EEVblog #598 – Sony DME7000 Video Multi Effects Processor Teardown

    What’s inside a professional Sony MDE7000 Video Effects Processor, as used in TV stations and video production facilities?
    This one was used in the Foxtel TV1 TV station before it was shut down end of 2013.
    Dave also discusses high density PCB design issues and methods, and systems engineering.
    Spec Sheet: http://www.pmotions.com/Public/PDFs/SONY/DME-7000.pdf
    User Manual: http://support.sapir.ac.il/files/2012/05/dme3k7kp.pdf


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    High Res teardown photos:

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      • Larry

        The BNC connectors are all 75ohm and are subtly different from the 50ohm ones found on test equipment. The pins are slightly smaller and there is no insulation around the pin.

      • SD

        The Ethernet will go to the DB15 NETWORK conntector on the back. It is known as AUI and was the first standardized Ethernet connector. The 10Base-5 (Thick coax), 10Base-2 (Thin Coax) or 10Base-T (CAT5) transceiver plugs in there.

      • tchicago

        Most of the through-hole joints have not flown through to the top of the board. I’m curious: is this a permissible defect of the process, where a reliable metal plating of the holes takes care of the issue? Or this is intentional minimalization of the heat exposure in order to avoid damaging the already-mounted SMD components?

      • Jim

        100n cap at ~56mins maybe is a higher performance dielectric? Big values of dielectrics like polystyrene (though looks more like polyester) are hard to get in small packages compared to something like tantalum (disadvantage of being polarised) or ceramic (relatively crappy dielectric).

        The C724 footprint was designed for an smd device but they probably found it wasn’t good enough so had to switch to a different dielectric that was not available in the same size smd.

      • At around 4:30 dave says that the line starts at about $3300. Yes the MDO3012 2 channel, 100MHz is $3350USD, $3670 AUD. But the 4 channel, 1GHz MDO3104 is $13,900 USD, $15,239 AUD! Dave has moved to the statospher

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