• EEVblog #599 – 5 years of the EEVblog

    The EEVblog is 5 years old today!
    Just a quick thanks to everyone who has supported me and the blog.

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      • Dave Turner

        Here’s to the next 5 years.

      • http://www.cosmobeat.com Yoshitoshi

        Congratulations from Argentina!

      • Udo

        Super Sache weiter so… 😉

      • Chris

        Oh, so close to 600 :-) Can’t wait for the 10 year anniversary and 1200th video in 2019!

      • alejandro varela

        thank you for this great 5 years!
        the best blog!

      • Johm

        Happy Birthday EEVBlog and Congrats Dave! Currently on my third year in a EE degree in Barcelona I’ve learnt more from you than those three years at the university.

        Your manner of explaining things and your enthusiastic high pitch have encouraged me to go ahead and start designing properly, routing boards, choosing appropriate components and ordering my PCB’s online.

        I’ve been here until ep. 350 more or less but I’ve watched nearly all of them and some many times too. It has become a routine to watch the EEVblog random episode as a “bedtime watching” except when I’m having a glance at a datasheet, maybe. :)

        Please, keep on the good stuff, specially Fundamentals Friday and DFM videos.

        Thanks Dave!
        (and a thumbs up for these spontaneous apparitions of wife and Sagan)

      • http://alexkachler.free.fr Alex


        Happy B day to EEVBlog and please change nothing 😀

        Thanks Dave!

      • http://www.tschmidt.com/ Tom Schmidt

        Happy Birthday EEVBlog. I’m a retired EE and stumbled on the site last year. Come by from time to time and really enjoy it. It has been a while since I’ve done hard core hardware design so enjoy topics that keep me up to date for my personal projects. I’m still a through-hole guy for my projects. Even with large parts depth perception is an issue with age.

        My guilty pleasure are the dumpster diving episodes. I have a shop full of stuff “I might need one day” so don’t need any more found treasures but I can’t resist the thrill of the find.

        Hope for many more years of success with the blog. Great being able to earn a living doing something you love.


      • Jonas

        Hey Dave,

        thanks so much for everything! Keep on taking it apart! :)


      • Mike

        Congratulation Dave

        I watched pretty all your blogs since #56 (Agilent U1253A Multimeter).

        I learned a lot from you and I hope I can do it in future too.

      • Mike

        Happy EEVBLOG Birthday Dave. I really enjoy your videos and am looking forward to many more years of fun and informative videos! Keep up the good work.

      • Phil Tirino

        Happy Birthday EEVBlog! Dave, you’re awesome! I have enjoyed every video I have watched. I started a few years ago when I was trying to decide which ossciloscope to buy. After watching a few videos, I started from number 1 and everytime I got on the treadmill I’d play a video. I really like that you do a variety of segments. I think the only thing that would upset me is if you went too long without doing a fundamentals friday, or a teardown, or a rant… I hope you take a vacation soon, just as long as you take pics for the eevblog when you get back.

        Have you ever considered putting a tab on your webpage for videos grouped by segment. I like watching old videos now and then but I feel like I’m going on a fishing expedition when I try and find a specific video.

        • Phil Tirino

          I just noticed I spelled oscilloscope wrong. Don’t hold it against me, I’m a diagnosed dyslexic! Cheers!

      • Andreas

        hope to see you many time in future.
        Very nice and very interesting

      • huh

        Happy birthday EEVBlog and congrats to you Dave. Save for a few quirks here and there I’m enjoying everything of that blog. Keep up the great work!

      • Carlos

        Happy Birthday EEVBlog.

        Please continue to be an inspiration to all off us Electronics Engineers, nerds and wanna be crazy scientists.

        One day we will take the world… Buhahaha

        And yes diversity is the secret of your success, Always some thing unexpected like a Flying PIG.

      • Joern Soerensen

        Happy Birthday and please keep going on with that very interesting amazing stuff .
        Best wishes to you and your family .

        Greetings from Northern Germany next to Hamburg


      • Dave J


        Congratulations. I remember when I discovered your videos and it was like a breath of fresh air for me. I am an EE who had lost most of the joy of designing and building things. In the 90’s, high integration parts and SMD had killed the hobbyist world. I was working in semiconductors in Silicon Valley and that grind has sucked out a lot of my enthusiasm, too.

        Your blog has plenty of unabashed enthusiasm, however, and that reminded me that EE was fun — much more so if you can build interesting things for yourself. So now I do it as a hobby and am having a blast. I think the 90’s were a low point for the hobbyist electronics designer, but fast forward a couple of decades and things a looking pretty good again.

        Best Regards,
        Dave J

      • Robert1238971158

        Thank you for making the EEVBlog!

      • elgonzo

        Happy 5th birthday, EEVBlog!
        Dave, thank you so much for the blog and the forum! And thank you to your family for letting you do it! :)

      • http://poonisteps.wordpress.com/ Raja Balu

        Congratulations Dave! It is a great run. Wishing you continued success!

      • Hans

        Congrats Dave.

        Keep them coming

      • GMCurrie

        Congrats ! I look forward to every episode!

      • http://www.quantumlab.ca richnormand


        Love your tear-downs of older stuff I can actually afford on the flea-market. That is, before the price goes up due to the EEVblog effect….

        Cheers and thanks.

      • dmm

        Congratulation Dave for giving us 5 years of EEVblog. It’s a journey that I for one have certainly enjoyed. It’s been wonderful to review the changes in electronics and mechanical design in your tear downs. Here’s to the next 5 years!! 😀

      • http://www.danielbjohnson.net septer012

        Believe I started when I found a link to your blog. Episode 6 was the current video. Great job over the years.

      • Lefuneste

        Hey Dave ! Great news… You know what, my son was born the 6th of April 2009 !! Almost spot on !! Best luck for your show which has changed my life for sure !!

      • http://nil Frank

        Happy birthday, EEVBlog .. You are, just a littler baby with a big heart.

        I believe you have something big prepared for BIG EEVBlog #600 …. Woot

        • huh

          Can’t wait for the inevitable #666 evil rant :o)

      • http://hackedgadgets.com Alan Parekh

        Congrats on 5 years Dave. Hard to believe how time flies. Hope the next 5 are just as enjoyable!

      • BALAJI

        Hi Dave,
        Congrats… I cant stop appreciating you for the consistency.
        Wish to see many more episodes from you.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/gestergester edy

        Happy 5th and many more Dave!!! Keep up the good work. With time being so precious these days and working long hard hours every week, I look forward to coming home and relaxing and watching your Video Blog to learn about the ins and outs of electronics, one of my hobbies!

        TV programs do not interest me at all. I would much rather spend the time watching your blog, learning about something useful and practical that I can apply in my own life.

        Also, your “no-holds barred” and “say it like it is” attitude is the best part! While many others have become puppets of the corporations that feed them, you managed to keep true and unbiased and honest to your viewers and not become bought by corporations. I think that is what we all appreciate the most!

      • http://blog.heiligenmann.de Thomas M.

        Happy Birthday EEVBLOG and congrats to the first five years :-)

        Keep on the good work!

      • speedyant

        Keep the on the good work becasue i try to learn english with all your videos!

      • Jim

        My wife has been walking into my home office for over a year now… “Is that your favorite Australian again”? Yup. Looking forward to another 5 years.

      • http://www.workshopshed.com Andy from Workshopshed

        Not sure it’s less niche than knitting, that’s pretty popular. However, 600 videos in 5 years is an amazing achievement and the videos and labs are excellent. Happy Birthday.

      • Crille

        Thank you for an interesting blog! Keep up the good work :-)

      • VK2UPK

        Hip, Hip, Hooray!
        Quite an entertaining way to teach and enthuse others about electronics. I have been following your blogs from #1.
        Keep up the fine work!


      • John Boiu

        My favourite site. As they say:
        No news is good news.
        I’ll say:
        No change is good change.

      • Paresh Pai

        Great site! Congrats Dave on your achievement!
        Keep up the good work and all the best.

      • Geoff

        David, this is exciting to me as a retired broadcast engineer from Bathurst to find your website and blog. You make electronics engineering exciting to everyone. I am most impressed as over 30 years I have had a monastic existence in my work. I really look forward to your segments.


        VK 2GC

      • Serge De Saffel

        you’re in like flynn and bob’s your uncle. You’ve shown amazing things that makes the whole picture so much more interesting. Fantastic !!