EEVblog #628 – Tektronix 213 Vintage Portable Oscilloscope Teardown

What’s inside a 1975 vintage Tektronix 213 portable oscilloscope/DMM combo?
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Spec sheet

Trigger Chip
Decade Counter Chip

High Res photos:

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    • Hi Dave I´m the guy how make the mods in the service manual.
      If you want the original copy please give me your email and I will send you the original.

      Best regards and thanks for your videos.


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    • Paul

      Hope you put it all back together, and it’s a keeper in your lab.

    • richnormand

      Hi Dave,

      noticed that Tek213 unit on your top bench shelve from a quite a while back.

      Nice tear-down, hope it will reassemble OK. These where quite coveted at that time and a nice package/function engineering example.

      I have a similar Tek unit. The 305 Sony-Tektronix. Similar concept with DMM and two channels. I replaced the Ni-Cd batteries as I find it quite useful when I need to have a floating measurement.

      Keep up the good work. I really enjoyed the ceramic capacitor video as well as the microphone series.



    • Johm

      The NEC 741 chip in the PWR Supply board says: ‘POZIBE’. I bet it was crowdfunded.

    • Chris

      In regards to size, I am curious just how much you could shrink it if you opted to go with all SMD.

    • Larry

      The vertical board pins were probably staked likewise the IC’s and TO-92 packages which would be appropriate still for early 70’s. (Never saw plug in To-92’s before)

      I was a manufacturing engineer for Motorola 2-way in 73 and watching the ladies on the staking machines installing pins and eyelets was amazing.

    • Fred


    • Great video dav, brings back a lot of memories I had a leader LBO 325, dual channel compact o-scope and loved it when I was a student, It worked just as well as the big ones. I thougth it ran on 12 volts as well, can’t remeber. I still look for them on ebay, if ones at the right price I getting it. I left mine at my old company I worked for,they needed it more that I did (small mom and pop repair place).

    • Wonderful teardown video! I’m particularly impressed with your enthusiasm in appreciating the engineering behind the product. I have a similar Tek (221 model) and I do love its performance and form factor.

      Keep up the good work in terms of sharing your thoughts and experiences with electronics and test gear!

    • Carlos

      This is a piece of beauty. Please keep it working.

      This is worth a museum