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    EEVblog #943 – How EEVblog Does Video Editing

    Dave takes you step-by-step through his video editing, rendering, and transcoding process for an EEVblog ...

    • J Moon

      That is quite the creation, “The Bee’s Knees”
      Keep up the fun stuff, makes the EE world a much funner place. 🙂


    • Paul

      No no no no no no no in every way NO

    • shady

      HAHA! that was amazing!! real good job

    • WLing

      WOW.. Just.. WOW!

      I got a huge kick out of the Back to the Future reference at the end of Verse 2.

      Just Awesome.

    • Zizzle

      Spreading the Aussie rising inflection far and wide.

    • w

      Holy crap this is pretty awesome. Great production and editing, although perhaps Dave’s samples could be about 1.5dB louder. You’d have to get your tongue at the right angle while mixing the audio.


    • Jerry


    • Khalifa


    • JP

      What in the hell was that? Dave has gone off the deep end!

      Well it was sort of catchy…

    • Mike Palmer

      Oh Dear! orry Dave, let’s just leave it at “don’t give up your regular EEBlog activities”.

    • Carlos

      First Time a Listen a RAP and LIKE IT!!!!!!

      That is saying a lot

    • Ulf Jonsson

      Electronics must be fun! your blog is the most interesting on www. Keep going

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