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    • jigas

      That hackaday bullshit is getting annoying. Who’d visit some lame blog about arduinos and nes games.

      • Mike Field

        You should try to get some of your projects featured, as it sounds they would lift the technical merits of the average featured project. Just send a quick write-up to [email protected] – it only takes 10 minutes. Or better yet find projects from others that you think have merit and tip hackaday to them. Spread the love a little.

        A lot of people feel quite proud and inspired when their projects get posted. It might not be the front page of the New York Times, but it is nice to get some recognition amongst peers.

      • Paul

        I must admit arduinos ,hold no interest for me I lose interest the moment there mentioned , that said it’s my personal opinion. Others are fascinated by them, which is good. I also don’t really follow Hackaday, Dave did ,however mention old magazines, which I have many ,such as Practical Wireless, where things are done the old school way, which is what I like.
        So it’s each to his/her own I guess.

    • Jerry


      I learned to read from Electronics Illustrated and Popular Electronics. My reading level was not near my grade level. A teacher offered to help any of us with this problem. We would bring in material that interest us and read it to him. It worked for me.

      I have 47 years as a professional technician. Electronics was my hobby for six or more years before it became my profession. Now I am reviewing the “basics” in my retirement. Hoping to pick up some “easy” work from time to time next year. Keeps me away from “entertaining the wife” 🙂 (she does not see the entertainment value at times).


    • Lar

      Just a note on midnight engineering or using the companies equipment after hours. ( I also noted on youtube channel under a different guise). We were warned by a professor that by using company property even on your own time, the company can lay claim to your creations. Most of the time this wont amount to much. But if you do come up with a billion dollar patent, keep stum.

    • Johm

      There’s still lots to learn before entering the Hackaday Prize… (sigh)

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