• EEVblog #642 – TI Connected Launchpad

    Dave checks out the $20 TI EK-TM4C1294XL Tiva C Series TM4C1294 Connected Launchpad Internet of Things.
    ARM Cortex M4 processor with Ethernet and IoT demo application.

    How useful is it out of the box?

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      • When dealing with latency of long internet lines, serial, or wireless communication, it’s common to make any sort of momentary digital inputs into counters, then you trigger based on a change in value rather than a nonzero.

        • Sound reasonable in those circumstances I guess.

      • pauldzim

        The switch is a counter, not a 0/1 value. So you need to put a count in the “equal to” field. That’s why it worked the first time, because the count went to 1.

      • Some PC/USB configurations cut USB power partially or fully when the PC goes to sleep, ergo your demo board went offline. There is no hard and fast rule for this, combination of good Motherboard BIOS programming and USB device programming. Dedicated USB charge ports provided on most mobos may help.

        Also COM surrogate has nothing to do with any Serial ports, COM refers to Windows Component Services and would likely be related to the portal itself, wether flash or if the portal installed plugins for interaction, rather than the device drivers for the virtual serial port.

      • Stephen Brown

        Enjoy your pet rock Dave 🙂

      • Adrian

        For those that are more familiar with the Wiring/Arduino framework, check out http://www.energia.nu, which is a fork of that framework for the TI LaunchPad kits, including the Connected Ethernet LaunchPad. The ethernet library is also already ported, so many of the existing sketches will port to this LaunchPad.

      • Mike

        I think your assumption that the button value will go back to 0 is what is throwing you off on the event, clearly that should be documented better. I think the device code made a poor decision in sending the push button count continuously even if there is no new button pushes. If it only sent a new value when the count changed (new button pushes), then you could use this event to trigger if greater than 0 for a duration of 1 second and probably trigger your event correctly each time, since it is a counter going from 0, 1, 2, 3…. That is frustrating though that it isn’t sending data in a way that you could easily trigger off of.

        Instead, if you are willing to try, there is a scripting engine on that Exosite platform you can use. Here is a script example that you can add to your connected launchpad on the ti.exosite.com site (‘Scripts’) and it will send you an email or sms based on button pushes.

        • I think the lack is probably more in the triggering code. There should be a specific trigger that can be selected on the value changing. The method they use to send the value is actually a valid one especially if they’re just block updating every value that the web site might be interested in.

      • Mike

        By the way, thanks for posting this video!

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