• EEVblog #843 – David’s rPrint 3D Printer Design

    David tells us how he designed his rPrint 3D printer. A university project he has been working on for the last 9 months.
    Everything is custom, including the world’s lightest weight direct drive extruder head, Sarrus linkage build plate, linear rail guides, and his awesome bubble enclosure.
    Not to mention his own custom controller, gcode interpreter, and highly optimised C++ string libraries.

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      • Frank Nova

        Our Canadian $ is tanking as much. I was relieved that the projected price is not in USD !
        I want one…

      • Great looking design. I love the way the bed is stabilized. That bubble looks great and is very unique. Good luck with sales David!

      • Valentin

        Awesome design!
        I want one as our Replicator 2X is not the fastest
        and we’ve been talking about buying a new printer. Now I have a
        favourite. And it’s even locally made … kind of 🙂

      • havefunbefun

        Might be too late to consider, but how about a linear replacement for the stepping motors. Magnets (on the slide rails) and coils (on the moving head), a bar code “like” absolute position encoding on the rails…Why you ask…well to cut moving mass, and simplify positioning software…instead of counting from a reference point…read the absolute position from a optically coded strip…Just a crazy thought…

        Really like the table design!

      • Is there any update on this project? Website, release of the design or source code etc…

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