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  • Element 14 Holding Orders Based On US Government Watch List!

    Posted on February 24th, 2014 EEVblog 154 comments

    UPDATE: The managing director of Element 14 has responded officially in the comments below and has CONFIRMED that it IS a US denied persons list!

    If your name happens to be fairly common like mine, then you may end up having your orders flagged and put on hold by Element 14, at least here in Australia. Because, well, their system sucks arse, and it seems like they are licking the arse of the United States government to boot. Am I pissed? You betcha!

    I placed an order for some innocuous parts from Element 14 in Australia the other day and their system automatically “flagged” my order and put it on hold based on my name being on some US Government watch list!
    Yep, you read that right.
    My delivery address in Element 14′s system has “David Jones” on it, and apparently the US government are watching someone called David Jones, so you know, a parts distributor in Australia has to flag that and put my order on hold. Makes sense huh?

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  • HP, err, Agilent, has a new name…

    Posted on January 9th, 2014 EEVblog 84 comments

      AgilentSparkLogo125   KeysightLogo

    So, HP, err, I mean Agilent, have a new name – Keysight Technologies. That’s as big a news as it gets in the electronics industry, but as Julius Sumner Miller said, why is it so?

    Does anyone care if they change their name?
    You bet!
    In 1939 Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard put their own names behind their new business, and on a coin toss, Hewlett Packard it was. Since then generations of electronics engineers have grown up with the HP name, and trusted it as the biggest name in the Test & Measurement business. The name was everything, just like other companies named after their founder(s), like Fluke for example, the name means everything. Even if Bill & Dave haven’t had a hand in things for a long time, the personal name still meant something, everyone knew Bill & Dave, and they trusted their stuff. This shit is personal!
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  • Traps for even simple successful crowd funded projects…

    Posted on December 31st, 2013 EEVblog 43 comments

    Or, in other words, how it can all go horribly wrong…

    It all started as a simple thing to keep some people happy. More and more people were asking if they could get a µRuler I gave away as a promo at the Electronex trade show.
    So on whim I decided to start a crowd funding campaign on Pozible.
    It seemed like a piece of cake. I’d make a decent batch of 500 rulers, say 5 per person, I could probably find 100 people who want one.
    So some simple math said a campaign target of $2500 would do the job. Enough for the rulers, $2.60 postage stamp for each one, and enough left over to make it worth my time.
    And I knew you could send PCBs in envelopes by regular letter mail, as they are less than 5mm thick, and durable. Letter mail meant no CN22 international customs form, just slap a smap on and mail.
    This will be the easiest “hardware” project manufacture and mailing in history!

    Then something happened…
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  • Anatomy of an Ignite Talk

    Posted on August 8th, 2013 EEVblog 9 comments

    Ignite SydneyI hadn’t heard of an Ignite Talk before my mate Roger told me he was thinking of giving a talk on our autonomous canyon navigating quadcopter idea at the upcoming Ignite Sydney event. Then he suggested I might want to submit a talk topic too, ranting as I do for a living.

    What’s an Ignite talk? It is a “lightning” style 5 minute presentation given all around the world, on any topic you want to share. What’s more, it was started by Bre Prettis of Makerbot fame. Essentially a powerpoint presentation for those who hate powerpoint presentations, and the dreaded “death by powerpoint”. I felt somehow compelled to give it go, but there were a few problems:

    #1 You only get 5 minutes. 5 freaking minutes? My average video length is 30+ minutes, I can’t even say hello in 5 minutes! I had given a talk before (off the cuff) on full time youtubing, and that went for a solid 3 hours.

    #2 The slides in your presentation auto-rotate every 15 seconds, with a total of 20 slides. That means if you make a mistake in your delivery or timing, you are screwed – great, public embarrassment.

    #3 #2 meant that rehearsal might be required here, I don’t do rehearsals!

    #4 It would also mean writing a script, I don’t do scripts!

    But was I going to let that stop me? Nope, I foolishly emailed off a proposal before I had time to talk myself out of this madness. My talk was going to be about how I make a living on Youtube, as that’s something that isn’t very common, but something the average person might be interested in. I called it “Make a Living on Youtube or Die Trying”. I figured the die trying part added a bit of mystique. Then, before I knew it, they accepted my proposal. Oh crap, I’m locked in now. Roger never did send in his proposal, thanks Rog. At least he would be there on the night to make fun of me when I failed miserably.
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  • EEVblog web hosting

    Posted on June 18th, 2013 EEVblog 10 comments

    I get many people ask were and how I host and the forum.
    The answer is HostGator at

    I use one of HostGators dedicated servers to host the wordpress website and forum.
    It’s an Intel Xeon E3-1220LV2 running at 2.3GHz, with 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 500 GB RAID-1 Drives, with 10 TB of Bandwidth and 100 Mbps Uplink seed.
    So yes, I have my own box in a bunker somewhere deep in the heart of Texas serving up these pages.
    And it’s powered from a wind farm somewhere which is pretty cool.

    So if you are after a website, either small or large like mine, I can recommend them.
    I used to run this site, the forum, and streaming video on a <$10/month basic shared hosting plan for a few years, so it's amazing what you can achieve on a basic plan. Pretty much unlimited everything.
    I'm now part of their affiliate program and get a referral fee if you use them, so check them out if you need a web host small or large, and that helps support the blog.

    Also, use the coupon code EEVblogViewer for 25% off any hosting plan!