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  • EEVblog #688 – How To Rework Solder SMD Chips – BTTF Time Circuits Repair!

    Posted on December 1st, 2014 EEVblog 8 comments

    Dave shows you how to rework and replace a blown SSOP surface mount SMD chip with ChipQuik, solder wick, and drag soldering. And also mentions other methods using a hot air gun and pre-heater.
    Can he fix the Back To The Future Time Circuits and restore the timeline to it’s original order?
    Bonus rant about the lack of PDF schematics in Github projects.

    The BTTF Time Circuits were designs and made by Shackspace

    Video of Dave blowing up the Time Circuits:

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  • EEVblog #687 – EFTPOS PIN Pad Terminal Teardown

    Posted on November 27th, 2014 EEVblog 3 comments

    What’s inside a smart card pinpad EFTPOS terminal?
    Dave looks at the anti-tamper mechanisms inside a Sagem Monetel EFT930S

    High-Speed Secure Microcontroller MAX32550
    DeepCover Secure Cortex-M3 Flash Microcontroller NCN6004A SIM Card interface

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  • EEVblog #686 – Mailbag

    Posted on November 25th, 2014 EEVblog 10 comments

    A monster sized high definition 50fps Mailbag, with two special guest helpers!

    uRad Radiation Monitor (Hack A Day Prize entry)

    VFD Displays

    Norand Pen Key 6100 USPS tablet computer

    Sagem & Keycorp EFTPOST pinpad

    Electric Imp Internet of Things
    Interview with Brandon Harris

    Romanian MAVO30 Analog Multimeter

    Casio FX-31 Calculator

    2PrintBeta DIY BAM & DICE 3D Printer Controller for the Arduino Mega

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  • EEVblog #685 – What Is Oscilloscope AC Trigger Coupling?

    Posted on November 20th, 2014 EEVblog 4 comments

    In this tutorial Dave describes what AC trigger coupling is on an oscilloscope and why it can be useful. Not only on old analog CRT oscilloscopes, but modern digital scopes as well.
    How and why is it different to AC channel input coupling?
    Also, use of the 50% trigger control, and how the venerable DS1052E is still more usable than the new DS1054Z.

    Previous video on Rigol DS1054Z and DS2000 Jitter Problem

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  • EEVblog #684 – Ness SMT Maufacturing & Assembly Factory Tour

    Posted on November 19th, 2014 EEVblog 13 comments

    The founder and CEO of Ness Corporation Naz Circosta takes us on a personal tour of the companies impressive worlds class surface mount and through hole manufacturing facility where they produce hundreds of different Ness security and automation products.
    It’s no every day the CEO of a major company has the technical knowledge to take you on such a tour of their own production facilities!
    He shows the Yamaha SMD/SMT pick and place machines, solder stencil paste machine, flying probe testers, optical vision inspection equipment, custom test jigs, and plastic ultrasonic welding machines. And also talks about buying a $1M Objet 3D printer, and the advantages of genuine high quality Fresnel lenses vs cheap generic ones in PIR sensor performance.