EEVblog #958 – Mailbag

XMAS Mailbag T-Shirts HERE Forum HERE SPOILERS: Tritium powered nuclear battery from NurdRage Blackberry Playbook Tablet Teardown Sony Video & Audio Editing System 1990’s style TinyLabs 125KHz RFID keyfob cloning device from TinyLabs 0603 Resistor Kit TinyGrill Telematics Gateway (Dodge Charger 2011) Teardown Cicso GLC-SX-MM Multi-Mode fibre optic module ...

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EEVblog #951 – Mailbag

Mailbag overload! Forum HERE SPOILERS: A watch made from a old IBM Microdrive Hard Drive Drive! Tearing down and debunking a Hyper Voltage Stabiliser car energy smoothing bullshit device. Panduino Uno compatible Arduino Dell Server destroyed by super Neodymium magnet! Brainiac75 Youtube My Playhouse Youtube Hardware Hacker book by Bunnie ...

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EEVblog #936 – Mailbag

Old component bonanza Mailbag! Forum HERE SPOILERS: TI-74 BASIC pocket computer teardown from 1985 OpenMYR WiFi Motor Kickstarter Several 4-banger calculators GEZE automatic roller door controller teardown E-Book reader teardown and PCB bypassing techniques Switch & Lever EEVblog #936 - Mailbag [ 0.01 MB ] Download (6107)

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EEVBlog #930 – Mailbag

Mailbag time again. Forum HERE SPOILERS: Dave’s first multimeter hack! Sinclair PDM35 Multimeter Russian analog multimeter Canyse 801 data logger Kickstarter Masso CNC Controller Lumintop Prince 1000 lumens flashlight torch Lumintop micro USB rechargeable 18650 cell teardown Canon Ion Still Video Camera and the VF-50 2″ floppy disk EEVBlog #930 ...

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