Miscellaneous Stuff

Nothing to really do with the EEVblog, but thought I’d share anyway.

EEVblog #943 – How EEVblog Does Video Editing

Dave takes you step-by-step through his video editing, rendering, and transcoding process for an EEVblog video using Sony Vegas / MovieStudio & Handbrake x264. Note this is NOT a tutorial, it’s a mostly live walkthrough of editing an actual EEVblog video, so lots of waffle. The gear: Aless 520USB Studio ...

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Keysight 6GHz scope

About a week left on the Keysight 6GHz scope giveaway. A lot of people have been concerned that these scopes were not going to “worthy” winners who can really use them, even more so the big daddy 6GHz version. In which case I like the entry from Carlos A, check ...

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